Laser Hair Removal – Facts and Figures

Hair Removal


Laser hair removal reduces unwanted hair without wax or surgery.

Laser Hair Removal – Outpatient Surgery
Description: A nonsurgical method of permanently reducing unwanted facial or body hair by using low-energy lasers on the skin.
Average Cost: $200 -$500 per treatment cycle, depending on size of area treated.
Length of Surgery: Several minutes to several hours, depending on size of area treated.
Anesthesia: None required
Recovery Time: None
Treatment Frequency: Several sessions may be needed because not all hair follicles will be disabled in each treatment.
Risks: Redness, swelling, skin sensitivity, scarring.
Duration of Results: Partially permanent, although follow-up treatments may be necessary.
Essential Questions: 1. What type of light or energy source do you use for hair removal?  Is the equipment up to date?
2. Is it safe for my skin type?
3. How many treatments will I require to achieve my goals?
4. Will I require special skin care following my treatment?
5. Will you treat me yourself, or will a member of your staff?  What are his or her qualifications?

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