Your New Flat Belly Strategy!

Flat BellyIf you’re trying to get that flat belly we all crave, focus on aerobic exercise and a healthy diet rather than strength or abdominal training.

In an 8-month study of overweight, initially sedentary people, jogging 12 miles per week reduced abdominal fat but weight lifting (either alone or combined with jogging) had no impact, according to a noted exercise physiologist.

In another study, healthy but inactive volunteers who committed to 75 minutes of abdominal exercises (such as sit-ups) weekly for six weeks, had no reduction in belly or total fat compared with an untrained group.  Resistance training increases muscle mass but, contrary to popular belief, it does not boost one’s metabolism enough to reduce fat mass.

So, the moral is, eat healthy and get out and start walking or jogging and watch that belly fat disappear!

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