Naturally Sexy From Within

As we turn to our panel of experts for beauty advice, we have found ourselves being frequently reminded that beauty is something that radiates from within. When put that way, sometimes I feel as if it comes across as being a quality you either got… or you don’t. But, that’s plain untrue.

Just as we have to work on our skin using various treatments, cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup, we have to put the same amount of effort (or more) into our inner selves as well. Here are 3 great tips from our experts with advice on how to gain confidence from the inside – out.

Sexuality Starts Within

Take a few deep breaths and long, luxurious stretches. Focus on your heart area and visualize your inner light. Then imagine that light spreading throughout your whole body and being and out to the universe.. Take off your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you are perfect and beautiful just as you are. Feel your feminine beauty, sexuality, and power. Then find ways to connect with that light and beauty each day. Dance in the moonlight, toss your hair, give a stranger a radiant smile. Open yourself to the excitement of new possibilities.

Melanie A. Greenberg, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker 

Positive Self Talk

No matter what you do to maximize your physical beauty, there is no greater allure than maximizing your confidence. Start a campaign where you record your interests and successes. Take steps to immerse yourself in your interests while re-reading and building upon your success list. These steps allow your “best self” to emerge and become apparent to others. Women who love themselves and their lives are irresistible and magnetic. They are also interesting and interested. Following one’s natural affinities means following one’s curiosity; strong curiosity makes us and interesting to be with interested in others, two valuable ingredients for sexiness.

Karen L. Garvey, MBA, Author, Speaker, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach

Embrace Your Individuality

Every woman should have an unwavering appreciation for her individuality. This is the only way and the natural way to build up a permanent self-confidence. You are an individual, our individual thinking patterns are what differentiate us no matter how similar our appearances or interest maybe. If you want to feel naturally sexy then change your thoughts about yourself and eliminate comparison thinking. Work on strengthening your mind and never allow yourself be influenced in a negative way by others. If the woman on the cover of a magazine doesn’t look like you, know that she’s not supposed to and affirm that you are both individuals. Empower yourself through positive thinking and the natural result will be a Naturally Sexy Individual Vibrating SSexy.

Jacqueline P. Piper, The Image Enhancer

What do you love most about yourself?

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