Expert Sun Protection Tricks: Duck, Cover, and Dial

DermatologistWant to get a nice golden suntan without getting burnt? Me too!

That’s why I asked skincare experts to share their advice for safe sun exposure. I honestly expected most of them to tell us to just stay out of the sun. But, thankfully, I was wrong!

Dr. Ramin Ram of The Kest Clinic had this great, easy-to-remember advice that includes when to (and not to) be in the sun, how often to re-apply sunscreen and more.

Looking to get that perfect tan again this summer? Remember that old earthquake drill from 3rd grade? I advise three easy tips to enjoy the summer without getting sunburned, and what to do if you are sunburned.

  1. Duck— Get under your umbrellas, wide brimmed hats and avoid the sun during the peak UV hours: 10am -3pm. Even on cloudy and cooler days, the UV rays are what cause skin damage and burning, not the heat!
  2. Cover — Apply zinc/titanium sunscreen every two hours liberally. There are very elegant formulations and tinted sunscreens to avoid the “Casper” look!
  3. Dial— Call your dermatologist for a full body skin check. Lets face it…many people will still get sunburned. When you get sunburned in very sensitive areas such as the face, or a large part of the body, you may need to see your dermatologist (especially if you have blisters). Sunburns are associated with higher risks of melanoma, which can be fatal if not detected and treated in its early stages.

In summary, you should avoid the sun during peak times and protect yourself. Then, when the smoke settles, call your dermatologist!

A big thanks to Dr. Ramin Ram of The Kest Clinic for those tips.

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