Can You Heal a Sunburn Overnight?

overnight relief for sunburn

I asked skincare experts for their best advice on treating sunburns and I was surprised to find that there are actually overnight cures for sunburn.

Can you imagine just skipping the pain, peeling and embarrassment that normally lasts a few days to a week after getting burnt? According to skincare experts – its possible!

Here’s what Dale Peterson, M.D. of said about the way he treats sunburns for overnight results:

I am a physician who has treated burns of all types (including severe sunburns) successfully by spraying the burns with microclustered water. For over a decade I have seen angry red skin return to normal overnight without blistering or peeling. I believe this is accomplished by rehydrating the skin effectively. (Burned cells are severely dehydrated.)

Water consists not of individual H2O molecules, but of clusters of molecules. Large clusters are unable to easily enter dehydrated cells, but microclusters are able to be absorbed and quickly rehydrate damaged cells. Catalysts for breaking up water clusters are readily available and are sold under names such as “Willard Water”, “Bio Water”, or simply “Catalyst Water”. One ounce of catalyst is added to a gallon of distilled water. The resulting microclustered water is placed in a mist spray bottle for application to the burn. Pain is relieved almost immediately and the burn can be resprayed as often as needed if the pain returns.

Thanks to Dale Peterson, M.D. of for that information!



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