Blisters Mean it is Time to See a Doctor about Your Sunburn

Sunburns can be really annoying. But, sometimes they are serious and need medical attention. So, I asked skincare professionals when a sunburn is worthy of a trip to the doctor’s or to the hospital.

Here’s what Debra Jaliman MD, Assistant Professor Mount Sinai School of Medicine had to say:

I am a board certified dermatologist in NYC.

When a sunburn blisters it is a second degree burn. You should seek medical attention immediately as it could get infected or scar. There are special bandages to be used, antibiotics topical and oral and compresses.

Many people moisture without exfoliating and so the moisturizer doesn’t penetrate the dead skin cells and just sits on the surface. It just doesn’t absorb. The clarisonic helps to gently get of dead cells or other sonic cleansers.

Thanks to Debra Jaliman MD, Assistant Professor Mount Sinai School of Medicine for those tips!

So, watch out for blisters. If they develop, seek medical attention. As Dr. Jaliman explains, your normal moisturizing routine is probably not going to help.




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