You’ve Reached Your Goal – Are You Satisfied?

Life GoalsDo you find yourself constantly waiting for the next big thing? …the next trip, the next purchase, the next goal? Are you finding that the previous examples of attainment continue to leave you disappointed? I know that I have been there, striving to reach or receive what I think will make me happy – only to end up feeling that something is still missing.

Today we are talking about life’s journey, rather than the destination. To constantly stay focused on an end result may only encourage us to continue wanting more, instead of finding happiness in what we have accomplished. Learn what our experts suggest really matters in our quest to find fulfillment.

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

We set goals to help us move in the chosen direction and achieve the desired results. In striving to reach our goals we often forget the process of getting there. The goal becomes the be all, end all, even if we do not enjoy the process of attaining it.

With this approach you may reach the goal feeling depleted. The goal no longer seems to give the satisfaction you were looking for. What if you looked at goals as milestones in the process of growth, where the process (at least most of it) is as important as the goal itself. When you reach the goal as a milestone of growth, you are ready to continue the process in the direction of another milestone.

Goal attainment as the end result does not bring lasting happiness (look at the lottery winners). When goals, like lights along the runway, illuminate the chosen direction, you can derive joy from the journey itself.

Faina Sechzer, CEO, Founder, Health & LIfe Recovery Strategies

Relax, Relate, Release

One of life’s hardest lessons is learning to look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself for who you really are. The ability to do this is a beautiful thing – hard, but beautiful. When we learn to do this we can begin living a full, true-to-yourself-life. A major milestone.

The next hardest lesson is listening to your own words of wisdom, that still small voice. For me, I’ve heard all my life to ‘lighten up’, but here recently my internalized stress has started to cause physical pain – not good.

The goals that we have reached in life lose their luster if the stress of it all is not handled properly. On the way to reaching our goals it’s important to perform self checks, mental and physical. Don’t continue ignore that pain in your neck or the grinding in your tummy. Even those pesky skin eruptions are a signal to underlying issues. In the end you’ll feel all the more proud about those accomplishments. So schedule that massage, get that workout in, or go to the salon for a few moments of peace and pampering.

Lahronda Little, Owner, High Quality Organic Skincare LLCĀ 

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