What to Do About Mid Life Acne

In the case of midlife acne there are several mitigating factors, all of which are internal. They all must be addressed if the condition is to be treated successfully. No skin care line, no birth control pill, no professional aesthetic service will obliterate this problem, unless the inner issues are addressed right along side the topical treatment plan. PERIOD.

Learn how to distinguish the cause of your acne and find some acne help using the following tips from our expert contributor, Carrie Pierce.

Far too many women consult with me about this issue and nearly all of them have fallen for the advertising tricks.  They’re using heavy, alcohol-laden skin care products in an attempt to rid their skin of the ‘acne-causing’ oil, burning their skin and superficially dehydrating it during its most vulnerable time of life. Many women resort to taking birth control pills, each one promising it’s been formulated to give the user ‘glowing and gorgeous skin’, all the while placing women at greater risk for stroke, heart attack and cancer development… not a good trade off in my opinion.

Ladies, let’s stop the panic, take a breath and step back to pull focus for a moment: The human face, in some cultures, is considered to be a health road map of sorts. Practitioners can ‘read’ the health and vitality of a person simply by looking for certain health indicators in the face:

Circles under the eyes indicate sluggish liver, weak kidneys, allergies, and anemia.  Discolorations often indicate disease conditions well before medical tests can pick up the developing illnesses.  Additionally, how and where a face develops the pustules of midlife acne is also tremendously indicative of a woman’s true health picture.

When a 30-40 Something woman begins to break out around her chin, jawline and neck it is always and without fail, a very telltale sign of hormone imbalance. It is NOT a wakeup call that you need to start stripping oil out of your skin with heavy acne treatment products. What it DOES indicate is this: it’s time to get your hiney to your ND or MD ASAP for a hormone assessment, and also a closer look at your thyroid and adrenal health.

Midlife acne can be treated with a holistic approach.

Do you have midlife acne around your jawline, chin, and neck?

Then here are some pointers:

1.  The most important place to begin is to meet with your MD/ND and take a look into your hormone picture. Sex hormones, DHEA/insulin levels, cortisol, and thyroid.

2.  Hydrate yourself properly each day so that your body has not only what it needs to handle its many duties, but so it can detox itself sufficiently.

3.  Pay close attention to your bowel health. How is your diet? How is your elimination? If you detect sluggishness then consider digestive enzymes and pre and pro biotics.

4.  Omega 3, 7 and 9 are especially important and beneficial during the Menopause transition and you should discuss them with your health care provider.

5.  Pay close attention to your overall liver health. Has your liver become sluggish? If your liver isn’t healthy YOU won’t be healthy and midlife acne will gain an easy foothold as your liver struggles to break down and synthesize hormones.

6.  Make your diet as clean and pure as possible, and eliminate as much garbage as you can; caffeinated sodas and beverages, trans fats, sugars and artificial sweeteners, non organic meats and animal products.

7.  Exercise and oxygenate as much as possible.

8.  Rest and renew as much as possible and greatly eliminate stress as much as you can.

9.  Treat your skin well from the outside too: cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize regularly, using all natural skin care products whenever you can.

10.  If you find yourself dealing with midlife acne, first and foremost, do not stress! It’s a symptom, and if you treat it as such you will be everso much better for the experience.

Don’t panic. The condition didn’t develop overnight and it may take some time to resolve itself- but if you follow the guidelines above and talk with your healthcare provider you will soon reap the rewards of your body’s attempt to get your Midlife attention!

Carrie E. Pierce, Founder and President, Menopauserus.com

Have you struggled from mid-life acne?  What did you find helped the most to bring balance back to your skin?

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