Under Eye Makeup Advice from Real Women

Dry SkinRecently, I asked experts to share their advice on diminishing the caking, crackling look of makeup under your eyes. It’s hard to deal with dark circles under eyes, but gobs of makeup sitting on them doesn’t make it any better. (You can read the full story here: Experts Share How to Avoid Crackling, Caking Makeup Under Your Eyes).

The expert advice was great – but I also asked REAL women, and here’s what they had to say:

Tested Brand: Touche Éclat by YSL

I’’m a real woman of 43 yrs and in my opinion, best under eye product on the market! Just dab carefully.

— Christy Cook, Founder, Teach My

A Stick of Vitamin E

You will need a Vitamin E Stick, and either concealer or foundation make up.

First draw a flat brush over the Vitamin E Stick, then stroke gently under eye to prepare the area. Next, draw brush over Vitamin E Stick again, then into a tiny amount of concealer or foundation make up. Blend in palm of your hand, then stroke or pat gently under eye area. Follow with a little more Vitamin E stick, which keeps make up or concealer from getting too thick, lubricates the under eye area, and provides just a little bit of diffuse lighting where we can all use it!

Im 62 years old, and Ive used this method for years…works like a charm.

— Linda Rieschel, Ninis Niche

I had honestly never heard of the brand that Christy recommended, and though I’ve heard about Vitamin E for stretch marks, scars and the like – I hadn’t considered using it under my eyes. I’ll definitely be giving both a try!




  1. Thanks for using my Vitamin E tip to camouflage under eye circles! I did make up for our cancer and alopecia clients when I worked in the hair replacement field with Charle Dewitt. This Vitamin E trick worked wonders!


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