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StyleAs time passes, you are continually inventing an Always New You. Jobs mature and change. Children grow and become independent. It is evident that as our role in life evolves, so do we. As women, we learn to adapt as we fit ourselves neatly into each stage of life. However, it is only natural to want to hold on to that sexy, confident, young woman you were just a few, short years ago.  And you can!

Reinvent yourself (like you are already so good at doing) into the new sexy over 40.  There are certain attributes about ourselves that never have to change. The fundamentals may change, but the sexy, confident results stay the same. Now that you are over 40, learn how to maintain your sexy look using the following fashion tips:

Sexy Alternatives to Exposing Cleavage Over 40 (because things are not what they used to be)

If sagging, wrinkles, sun spot and freckles have started taking their toll on your decollete, here are some alternatives to still look sexy without showing excessive cleavage. If you feel like buttoning up lately when you look in the mirror try using the following tips:

Drape Those Necklaces
This is a chic way to draw attention to your cleavage without baring all. A pretty sheer print or solid scarf works wonders too.

You can look sexy without showing anything except your sexy shoulders. Also, one shoulder dresses always looks sexy.

Layer your look
A peek of a lace camisole or tank (especially in a nude or skin tone color)under a low cut shirt or jacket suggest cleavage without actually showing anything!

Holly Xerri, Creator of the Camiband “The Ultimate Wardrobe Extender”, Avenue X Innovations, LLC

How to Turn Heads Over 40

For women over 40, the attention-grabbing style rules that applied in years past have changed. The obvious styling that signaled sexy, such as short, tight, low-cut and a heavy use of animal prints, may have worked then. But, now can end up creating the look that accompanies the stereotype of a cougar. For a woman to truly be a sexy, memorable head-turner over 40, new style rules apply and can make you look and feel irresistible during the sexiest years of your life!

Here are my top 3 tips for looking your sexy best over 40:

1. Dress for Your Shape
Not your Size. This is a time to be educated about your body and learn the style strategies to dress for your shape. Take time to learn about your shape and the style strategies to dress for your body. By dressing for your shape, not your size, you will instantly appear slimmer, taller and feel sexier. This is a style secret of celebrities!

2. Less Really is More …Sexy!
Show your shape, not your skin. This is a time in life when less truly is more. A woman over 40 can appear sexier by skimming the curves of her body, not hiding in an oversized garment or showing too much in something too tight or too low. This style strategy will show your body confidence and that is always sexy!

3. Undergarments Matter Now More than Ever
Gravity is at work and a good fitting bra counters the effects by keeping your breasts in an uplifted position. This gives you a more youthful appearance and improves posture. The silhouette of your overall appearance is enhanced and creates a sexy appearance. Spanx or shapewear go a long way towards a smooth appearance for an extra boost of body confidence.

Sybil Henry, The Style Concierge/Founder, The Style Concierge

Dress for Who You Are, Not Who You Wish You Were

For women over 40, the trick to feeling fresh and alluring is dressing to feel sexy for themselves, not other people. Women over 40 often question their sexual relevancy and too often make the mistake of trying to dress like their 20 year-old selves (or daughters), hoping to recapture the feeling of being attractive and alluring.

You still have many head-turning days ahead of you if you learn to dress for the body you have, not the one you used to have, or wish you still had. It’s about emphasizing your strengths and knowing how to hide your weaknesses by understanding the importance of well fitting, supportive and of course, pretty foundation garments. Choosing the right undergarments will not only make you feel sexy, but help you look better in your clothes.

Understanding the importance of fabric choice and good tailoring when it comes to your wardrobe will have you looking taller and thinner in an instant. And by all means, learn how to spotlight the parts of your body that stay juicy longer. Show off your legs by choosing flattering shoe styles over current shoe trends.

Confidence and your attitude about your unique sex appeal is just as key to your sexy appearance as the colors that flatter your skin.

Lori Bryant-Woolridge, Sensuality Coach and Author of The Power of Wow: A Guide to Unleashing the Confident, Sexy You


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