Turn Back the Clock on Aging – Turn Off the Lights!

Beauty SleepWhile your bathroom vanity may boast of all of the latest and greatest in beauty creams, lotions and potions; you’re eating right; taking healthy vitamins and supplements; and even your monthly facial is marked in permanent ink on your calendar – unless you are scheduling ‘beauty sleep’ in your daily age-defying regime – your dream of beautiful skin – might be, in fact…..only just a dream.

“As women, we are famous for multi-levels of multi-tasking in order to ‘make it happen’ for our families, our career – our lives – so it is no wonder that when our heads finally hit the pillow – that our minds are still on at full multi-tasking speed! Our kids could call out at any moment, our spouses are snoring, watching TV, or perhaps scrolling emails on their bright light laptop – as we try, try, try, to relax, close our eyes, turn-off the world, and try to turn-on our beauty sleep!” says Vickie Griffith, Certified Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, and creator of “Sleeping Soundly” CD, Break-Through LLC. “In addition to turning off the bedroom lights, we need to turn off the interior lights in our mind in order to allow our mind, as well as our skin, to rest, revive, and rejuvenate!” Griffith states.

While nearly everyone has had the occasional experience of not getting enough sleep and looking tired the next day, continually missing out of sleeping soundly will affect more than just looking tired. Here are just some of the side-effects due to lack of sleep:

Short term:
Dark circles
Puffy eye bags
Blood-shot eyes
Skin lacking in radiance and luster
Increased fine lines
More likely to get sick after exposure to a cold virus

Long term:
Increased wrinkles
Skin has a pallid complexion
Skin ages more rapidly
Eyes lose sparkle
Vulnerability to a host of illnesses

Okay, we know we need to sleep more …but how? Here are some of Vickie’s favorite Sleeping Soundly tips.

• Create a sleep schedule. Timing affects your circadian rhythm, so if your weekday and weekend bedtimes vary more than 2 hours, you will most likely have trouble sleeping during weeknights.

• Leave time to digest. Try to have your dinner meal by about 8 PM as it takes time to digest your meal. Also take time to digest your day to clear your head, and if you need to, make a tomorrow’s to-do list…and do-it well before heading to sleep.

• Work it out. Exercise is one of the best ways to work out stress and excess thoughts during the day, allowing for extra beauty zzzzz’s at night.

• Wind it down. Put on some relaxing music, read a good book (nothing work related!) and perhaps indulge in a wonderful warm bath. Close your eyes and just say ahhhhh.

And for those times when you need extra help, you simply put in Vickie’s “Sleeping Soundly” Self-Hypnosis CD and within minutes, you will drifting off to a beautiful sleep.

Vickie Griffith, Presisdent, BreakThrough

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  1. Loved the article ~ and SO true about beauty and sleep, they truly are a match made in heaven…and for beautiful skin!

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