Treat Your Skin With A Dose Of Kindness

Healthy Skin Glow
With all the skincare products on the market today, it can be hard to determine which ones are right for you. Some will strip your skin of its natural oils necessary to give it the healthy skin glow you desire.

Read the following tips to find out how you can nurture your skin with a healthy dose of kindness!

How To Be Gentle With Your Skin

Always be an informed client. Ask questions about every product they suggest to you. What are the long term effects of said products? As a collective group of skin care professionals, we have come to the conclusion that the number one objective to beautiful, healthy skin is to treat it with kindness and a basic knowledge of skin care balance.

For many years we have seen consistent advice in the skin care community to attack skin issues aggressively, not taking into consideration the long term effect of using products and/or ingredients that will give quick results although leaving long term tissue damage. This process of achieving quick results is instant gratification. Unfortunately many of these ingredients can cause the skin to become dependent upon them to continue achieving these same results.

There is an appropriate protocol without repercussions to developing a natural harmony with your skin.

Garden of Wisdom LLC

Cybele Fishman from Integrative Dermatology suggests that less is more: Wash, Tone, and Exfoliate LESS!

Women often do way too much to their skin. They strip the skin of natural oils that are important in lubricating the skin and making the skin look soft and supple. Exfoliate no more than once a week, skip the toner unless it is a toner specific for acne with glycolic or salicylic acid, and use a soap-free cleanser like Cerave.

Cybele Fishman, MD PLLC, Integrative Dermatology 

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