Top Tips To Better Skin!

Smooth SkinStart getting better looking skin today with these tips from prominent dermatologists.  You can make a difference any time, you just have to start!

  1. Moisturize After Showering – We all know that a warm shower strips your skin of its oils.  To counteract this, be sure to moisturize your skin within 10 minutes of turning off the shower.
  2. Wear Sunscreen Daily – Doctors have long advised wearing sunscreen daily (at least SPF 30) and reapplying often.  The easiest way is to find a moisturizer that contains sunscreen.
  3. Take Off Your Makeup At Night – Makeup can mix with skin oils and dirt to cause zits.  Cosmetics can also trap skin-damaging free radicals that float in the air.  If you’re too tired to wash your face before you go to bed, try washing it earlier in the evening or keep oil-free makeup remover towelettes available.
  4. Clean-up After Your Workout – It’s important to clean your face after a workout.  Try carrying salicylic acid Stridex pads in your gym bag and swipe your face, back, and chest afterwards.  When you get home, take a shower as soon as possible.
  5. Exfoliate Regularly – By age 30, it takes a full 28 days to replenish your skin cells.  Use a gentle exfoliating facial scrub 1-2 times per week.
  6. Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Makeup and skin oils build-up on your makeup brushes, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause irritation.  Try to wash your brushes monthly with baby shampoo and lukewarm water.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face– Just the act of touching your face with your fingers brings pore-clogging oil and dirt to your skin.  If you can’t stop yourself, apply over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream right away

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