Top 10 Healthy Living Tips

Weightloss, Healthy LifestyleThe holidays are an exceptionally busy time, however when does a day go by that we don’t feel stretched to our limits? Our expert contributors have provided us with a list of 10 healthy living tips to maintain our weight through the holiday season. I think these tips will also apply to the rest of our busy days throughout the year as well.

Apply these easy-to-adapt lifestyle choices into your routine to help assist you keep off extra weight this holiday and through the rest of the year.

Don’t Gain – Maintain!
Tips for Maintaining Your Weight this Holiday Season


1. Plan in Advance

Is your holiday office party at your favorite Italian restaurant? Family gatherings full of holiday favorites you can’t turn down? Just plan your meals that day wisely – here’s a sample: Breakfast: Drink a protein shake for breakfast Lunch: A low-calorie, protein-heavy lunch Pre-dinner snack: Nutritious snack before the big dinner like a Fullbar to control your portions at dinner but be able to enjoy your favorite pasta or holiday recipe, just less of it!

2. Start with Protein

Make lean protein (i.e. Turkey!) the centerpiece of your big meals. Not sure how much to eat? Picture two of your cell phones stacked together – that equals the perfect amount of protein for a healthy meal! That will give you just enough space to tantalize your taste buds with a smaller, but still delicious portion of your grandma’s famous stuffing.

3. Time Off? Use it Wisely!

A lot of us get extra time off during the holidays. Use that free time to spend a few additional minutes at the gym or take a walk with family members; it will feel like a luxury compared to trying to fit it in on a normal work day!

4. Shop Smart

Holiday gift shopping is a taxing duty! Bring healthy snacks and bottle of water with you to keep your energy up and your cravings down while you’re battling the crowds. This will help fight that temptation to stop at the local cinnamon roll jaunt or that fast food stand-by. And remember, if it has a dome on that coffee drink – it can’t possibly be good for you!

5. Be a Leader

Be a role model for your friends and family to have an enjoyable and healthy holiday season by taking to heart these simple ideas. When the time comes to ring in the New Year, everyone will be ready to kick-start a healthy and happy 2012.

Dr. Michael Snyder, Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeon and Founder of Fullbar, The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery

6. Schedule it

Scheduling our workout early in the day means less chance of another obligation usurping our time.

7. Circuit!

Circuit training is a super time-efficient way to exercise. We’ll tone muscle and burn calories during the same workout.

8. Find a Buddy

Committing to a training partner will insure we show up at our workout when we are tempted to skip.

9. Avoid Samples

Stores are swamped with samples this time of year. Partaking of just a few during our shopping excursion can add up to an extra 200 or 300 calories per day.

10. Skip the Sugary Drinks

During the holdiays we are innudnated with sugary drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Consume fewer calories by choosing sparkling water instead.

Nicole Clancy, Fitness Professional, Health Your Way Online

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