The Life of No Regrets!

Breast Cancer Awareness WalkerSometimes when we are faced with what feels like an insurmountable obstacle, it can put our lives into perspective – and it’s not always the nicest sort of perspective.

Our expert contributor, Faina Sechzer, shares with us her experiences fighting breast cancer and her “aha moment” when she realized she hadn’t been been living her life to its fullest. Since that moment, she has developed a formula that she uses daily to make certain she stays on the path in her heart.

Learn how four simple questions can enable you to live:

The Life of No Regrets

I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2009 and the chaos and devastation of the diagnosis and treatment was overwhelming. Even harder was dealing with the big questions coming up in my mind for which I did not seem to have the answers at the time. Who am I? If my roles as a wife, mother, sister and businesswoman were stripped away what was left as my essence? What did my life amount to and what is the legacy I leave when I am no longer here?

My search for answers brought an overhaul of my life. I have changed professions and am now a Health and Life Recovery Coach helping other women cancer survivors, or women who are at crossroads in their life. I also developed a framework for eliminating regrets and living the life you really want. The life you want of health, love and fulfillment is possible by getting a daily “yes” to these four questions;

1. Did I love fully -it starts with loving yourself first?

2. Did I live healthy -body, mind, spirit?

3. Did I do what I love – career, passions, dreams?

4. Did I build legacy, i.e. did I change someones life for the better?

I encourage you to ask these questions right now, so you can heal, love and live your dream life.

Faina Sechzer, CEO, Health & Life Recovery Strategies 

Thank you for sharing with us Faina!

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