Successful Results for Your New Years Resolution

Weightloss, Healthy LifestyleI have a friend that doesn’t believe in making New Years Resolutions.  He refuses.  And he is right.  His reasoning is that every morning is a new day and a new opportunity to “be the change you wish to see”.  Breaking down your life one day at a time is a great way to give yourself additional opportunities to better yourself and your life, instead of only once a year.

By using the following tips to help you create healthy eating habits, you can set yourself up for success in 2012…  one day at a time.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Are you setting your weight loss New Years Resolution for 2012? Usually at this time of year we become fanatic about beginning the new year on a mission to shed pounds. A more helpful way to think about it, is to look at how to maintain your weight and create some healthy eating behaviors? It takes only 21 days to create a habit, so try some of the ideas below everyday for the next 21 days. Before you know it, not only will you be on your way to a successful resolution, but you’ll be on your way to making better decisions for your health!

Always eat breakfast.

This is the best way to boost your metabolism!

Am I hungry?

At this time of year eating nibblies at a party is something that you can allow yourself. The trick is to think about the other foods or courses to come, portion sizes and mindless eating. If you’re going to eat snacks – enjoy them being conscious of how delicious they are, the smell and texture.

Divert your energy.

What non-eating activities can you do during this time of year? If you’re getting ready to go out to an event , turn the music on and dance around for at least 5 minutes.

Declutter your pantry.

This is really important to help move your sabotage foods out of the house – especially at this time of year. I bet you don’t even need to open the pantry to tell me what they are. Support your efforts and get them out!

Get lunches and healthy snacks organised for everyday eating!

The key to helping you stay on track at this time of year is to have healthy lunches and snacks readily available in your home for everyday eating. For lunches try salads, quiches, boiled eggs, tuna and salads, soups if you’re in the northern hemisphere! For snacks carrot and celery sticks, home made healthy muffins and cookies, home made popcorn without butter, fruit, or a make-your-own trail mix with raisins, nuts, and dried fruits. This is a great time of year to balance out the season by introducing healthy habits so you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying the beautiful foods and celebrations this time of year offers!

Louise D’Allura, Home Economist/ Nutritionist and Professional Organiser, Revamp Professional Organisers

Creating healthy eating habits can be a challenge.  It takes time and determination to follow through on good intentions.  This year, try incorporating these simple tips into your lifestyle to help you form a lasting habit.


Decide in advance which are the important meals at which to indulge, and which are the ones where you could stick to a more strict diet.


Stick to your workout routine, do not miss even one, and make sure you are burning calories.  If you happen to miss, your efforts are not in vein.  The sooner you recover from your missed session, the faster you can get back on track!

Portion Control

Make sure you eat little portions so you get a taste of everything but keep the caloric number down. If you need to eat less earlier in the day in order to leave extra room (calorie room, that is), then do that – but don’t starve yourself, because if you do, you are likely to binge at dinner. In fact, it’s better to eat healthy snacks in between meals to keep your metabolism going and to prevent showing up hungry to any meal.

Pick and Choose

Make sure to stock your pantry with a healthy selection of snacks and meal items.   Healthy choices could be vegetable sticks, a handful of nuts, or a cup of low-fat yogurt.


This one is very important. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume, for a number of reasons. Alcohol causes low blood sugar levels and dehydration, leading to an increase in appetite – the last thing you want when standing in front of a myriad of desserts. Many alcoholic drinks themselves are high in calories – particularly the specialty holiday drinks. Lastly, you are more likely to make smart decisions with a clear head, and slip when using cloudy, alcohol-fueled judgment…

Keep a food log

If you don’t already do that, consider writing down everything you consume. Truly write down everything you eat, including alcohol, snacks, cookies. You are more likely to skip on temptations if you’re writing everything down.

Drink plenty of water

It will help you feel full, it will help with digestion, and it will help with not getting too tipsy on alcohol and making bad food decisions.

Alex Reznik, Founder & CEO, Complete Body

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  1. Tom

    I think the first step toward losing weight should be buying healthy stuff from a local farmer´s market instead of supermarkets. I live in Toronto and even though our St. Lawrence Market is quite far from my home, I always try to find some time to go there and buy some fresh produce. I believe that nothing compares to the its smell and taste.

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