Style Advice for Being Sexy Over 40

StyleDressing sexy over 40 can be as simple as picking the perfect pair of eye-glasses or pairing your understated outfit with a sassy pair of boots.  Our expert contributors have some advice for us on picking those exact accessories.

Next time you are looking for the one component that will add flare to your frock, take your look from drab to fab using the following style advice from our expert contributors.

Key to choosing the perfect pair of optical frames is literally skin deep!


Choosing your perfect pair of optical frames should be fun – after all they not only help you see more clearly but they can take you from geek, to chic, in a mere swap of a frame. But many of us tend to get blind-sighted by pricey trends or sacrifice personal style for that stylish look.

The next time you are browsing for a new pair frames, don’t get boggled down in all shapes, sizes and colors- simply look in the mirror! Choosing the perfect pair of optical frames which highlight your best features begins with determining whether you have cool or warm undertones. It’s simple to verify your undertone- all you have to do is look at the color of your arm veins under natural light to see if they appear blue or green. If you have a warm tone, the veins on your arms will appear green in natural light. This means light and bright frames such as olive greens, mustard yellows and warm rich browns would look fantastic. Warm tones should avoid pastel blue, pink and grey frames. If you have a cool tone, the veins on your arms will appear blue in natural light. Choose darker bold colors such as black, navy, or purple frames, while avoiding neutral shades of apricot, beige and brown.

Tammy Newport, Optical Stylist at Budget Eyewear, Budget Eyewear

Haute to Trot


Let’s face it, many of the great style houses started with the equestrian industry, whether it was designing harnesses for the carriage horses of nobility, like Gucci or Hermes, or finding inspiration through polo, like Chanel or Lauren. Investing in a great equestrian-inspired piece, like boots, a fitted jacket, or beautifully-executed leather belt gives you instantaneously easy, sexy, classic chic.  Think Jackie O, or Coco herself, who confessed growing up that she “knew more horses than people.”

Personally? I say go for the boots. Western cowboy or English field style? Sure. Both. A true equestrian boot is made for comfort (you can’t ‘wobble’ while you’re walking a horse), and nothing is sexier than entering a room and owning the ground beneath your feet. At our age, the men who aren’t intimidated by a little swagger are the only ones we want to talk to anyway…

L.A. Pomeroy, Equinista – Equestrian Style Expert, L.A. Pomeroy

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  1. Horse women over the age of 40 compose a significant portion of the American equestrian sports industry, and their strong, independent style crosses over to their daily life. They are still athletes, caregivers, businesswomen and professionals, and they like their fashion the same way they like their horses: beautiful, elegant, and ready to perform.

    According to the national governing body for the sport, the U.S. Equestrian Federation, women compose 85% of an horse industry which includes 14.5 million people who ride regularly and 2.2 million who own horses.

    As a professional equestrian sports journalist for more than 20 years, covering Olympic riders (fyi Equestrian is still one of only three Olympic sports where women & men compete equally), I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many women for whom the years they have earned have only ripened their ability to assess talent, in the ring and on the rack. You’re welcome to come and meet more of them through L.A. Pomeroy | Equinista on Facebook, too.

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