Strong is the New Skinny

Weightloss, Healthy LifestyleI recently saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said “strong is the new skinny”. Being strong is one important component for living a healthy lifestyle. The rest of the equation is simple and goes like this-access to good medical care, the right foods in the right amount, exercise and rest. This is one formula that has never changed over time.

Being strong, or increasing your lean muscle tissue, is the singIe best way to reach and maintain your ideal body weight. Why? Because lean muscle tissue drives metabolism, which is responsible for the amount of energy that your body burns to maintain itself.

As we age, our metabolic rate naturally slows. Beginning at age 25, our metabolism plateaus. By 30, it begins to slow down. By the time we are 45, an average individual who doesn’t exercise loses 10% of their lean muscle tissue every 10 years. Active, lean muscle tissue is just the metabolic boost needed to utilize the bulk of ingested calories.

Alternatively, losing muscle will change your body composition, slowing down the rate you burn calories. Many women feel that adding muscle is not “feminine”. However, a little goes a long way. Adding just one pound of muscle will allow you to keep burning fuel efficiently, up to 30-50 calories each day. Add 5 pounds of muscle, and count on using an additional 175-250 calories daily, or in other words, burning an extra pound of fat every 14-20 days.

Yes, the workouts can be challenging while doing them, but they are well worth it. Adding a safe weight resistance routine will build and maintain your muscle, improve strength and flexibility, lower your resting heart rate, combat chronic diseases, improve energy, AND keep you metabolically active.

You may work a little harder in the gym, but the benefits will follow you out the door. As your body adopts more muscle, your engine will be revved up all day, utilizing calories more efficiently -even while you are at rest!

Michelle Kobernick owns and operates Gourmet Everyday Delivery, established 2005, is a locally prepared, fresh and healthy meal delivery service serving metro Detroit controlled foods for their prescribed diets.

Michelle Kobernick, Founder, Gourmet Everyday Delivery

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