Stay Youthful Using Age Appropriate Cosmetic Procedures

exfoliationThere are plenty of anti aging treatments available to help us slow the process.  Choosing the right ones that work for you and using them in a manner that conveys the best result is key to having beautiful, younger looking skin.

Learn from our expert contributors the options available for you your skin type and their advice regarding how to effectively use these skin care treatments and products to your advantage.

Looking Like you had “work done” is so last decade…


Learn the cultural shift towards age appropriate cosmetic procedures:

I believe subtlety is best, I advocate for minimally invasive and preventative techniques.  The first defense and treatment of aging resides in proper skin care. Signs of aging begin with the condition of the skin itself. Sun damage, environmental factors and overall physical and mental health contribute to the health of the skin.

For younger patients, I suggest treating hyperactive glands and acne using glycolics and sunscreens.

More mature patients require more intensive agents, such as retinoids and vitamin C to gradually resurface the skin and decrease sunspots and wrinkles.

When wrinkles stand their ground, I use Botox, Thermage and fat transfers. Botox is commonly misused and has been known to cause a masked and unnatural appearance.

One needs to keep in mind that facial movement is a natural process that needs to be preserved.

Dr. Reza Nabavian, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Reza Nabavian, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Aging Happens, Aging Less is an Option


These days it can seem like there are hundreds of different options when it comes to anti-aging treatments. How do you weed out which treatment can be the best for your skin? It helps to have a one-on-one consultation with a reputable professional that utilizes UV photo technology (cameras that can actually measure skin damage).

Here are a few tips to help guide yourself in your decision making process:

Advice for Flawless Skin

For those of you with flawless skin it is still recommended that you receive professional treatments to your skin. After your 18th birthday skin naturally slows down in several aspects. This ranges from healthy cell production to dead skin turnover. In lamens terms, skin no longer naturally removes it’s old, dead skin as efficiently as it use to, which makes it hard for the new, healthy cells to flourish. For those that are fortunate to have flawless skin I recommend to my patients a monthly facial that includes some form of exfoliation.

Advice for Fine Lines

If your skin isn’t flawless and are starting to see some pigmentation or fine lines then something like a microdermabrasion would be best for you. There are many variations of this treatment ranging from diamond tips to radio frequency. There are some that work better than others, but overall this can be a very effective treatment for you. Light chemical peels can also be beneficial. Stick to a Lactic Acid or a 5% AHA.

Advice for Wrinkles

Don’t worry. If you fall in this last category you are in good company. Aging is unfortunately inevitable, but aging less is an option! For those of you that are more advanced in the aging process a good treatment is a Photo Facial light therapy. The most effective results I saw were the patients that did a photo facial treatment one week and a microdermabrasion type treatment the following week, then repeating until desired results have been achieved.

The most important tip that I can bestow upon you is the necessity of going to a reputable facility.

    • This is not an area to penny pinch or just choose the cheapest option.
    • It’s a necessity to find out how long an establishment has been using the service you have selected.
    • Has the technician done many of these treatments or did she start yesterday?
    • The more advanced the procedure the more important it is to include this in your thought process.

Megan Franks, Operations Manager, Esthetician, Paradise Skin Products


What is your anti aging secret weapon?

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