Spring Eye Makeup Tips for 2012

Colorful EyesAre you looking for the hottest Spring makeup trends for 2012?  Learn new ways and the most popular colors to use this coming spring season.

From wearing your favorite color, to what’s best for the office, and defining that smokey eye for an evening out, you will find eye makeup tips from our expert contributor and makeup artist, Marianne Byrne.


Colors of the Season

Whilst pastels are always popular in spring, this year they are massive; neutral tones also. It’s possible to adapt any trend to suit! Go with one main colour if you want to go with a seasonal eyeshadow – stick with the way you usually apply your eyeshadow shape, keeping tones very neutral and add in your chosen seasonal colour on one section of the eye, lid, socket, beneath lower lash, depending on how subtle you want your look to be.

Or, use your seasonal colour this way; apply with a very sheer depth of colour, over the whole lid area, fading out before you reach the brow, and beneath lower lashes – just add mascara and as much or as little liner, as you wish! Again, you choose the level of drama you want to hit with your look!


Office Friendly Makeup

  • ┬áKeep skin looking clean and glowing; exfoliate and cleanse thoroughly always – Use a light base which will give a glow, along with a great concealer where required – far more preferable and visually pleasing than a thick cloggy base.
  • Apply soft coloured blush lightly to the apple of the cheeks, a healthy glow all day; a little bronzer is fine, but keep it light.
  • Define eyes, with a non smudge liner, blend to a soft finish, no hard lines – this is so much better for enhancing your eyes than thick or non-blended liner.
  • Chocolate or dark brown mascara for the fairer skinned amongst us! You will be amazed at the difference this makes to your look.
  • Eyebrows! Keep them tidy, and never over pluck or attempt to alter the shape to something unnatural to you. Your brows give your whole face masses of character, let them speak for themselves. A little hair laquer is great for keeping them groomed all day, just apply with eyebrow brush.


Achieve Smokey Eyes

Biggest key here, is:

1. Ensure your eyeshadow is of a good quality; it is essential you are able to blend it on your skin, so do test before purchase.

2. Apply with one brush, keeping control of the shape you wish to create around your eye

3. Blend with a clean, separate brush, especially created for blending, and use this to soften the harsh lines around the shape you have created.

This will give you the smokey effect you wish for, not forgetting to apply a small amount of same eyeshadow beneath lower lashes, with a slanted brush, and softly blend Then, just add as much or as little mascara and liner, as you wish!

False lashes are always fabulous with this look.

Marianne Byrne, Make-Up Artist, Busting Diva

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