Skin Care Tips for Keepin’ It Clean

exfoliationWhen coping with adult acne, it is important that we take every step to ensure we keep our skin clean and clear. This may come across as a given, however I know I’m guilty of crawling into bed myself without taking the time to wash my face before bed.

Bacteria is hiding in places we don’t even consider. Pillow cases and Makeup bags are large culprits for housing bacteria. So, make sure you are taking good care of your skin by using the following acne help tips from our experts!

Splish, Splash!

Before you decide you must use the strongest treatment for acne, try a gentle approach. Start with an acne soap like Sea Mud Soap or Beta Wash. Fill the basin with warm water, lather your skin and splash your face 30 times with soapy water. Then rinse. Now, your face should not have moisturizer, just a toner especially after working out.

Diana Solomon, Makeup Artist/licensed Esthetician


Airbrush Makeup for Clear, Natural Looking Skin

Many brands of makeup containing oils, silicone, paraben, and powered minerals, in some cases will actually make pores larger. These makeup ingredients are rubbed into the skin, thus clogging pores which in many cases cause acne. Additionally, using dirty sponges, powder pads and brushes will not only contaminate your makeup, it can spread bacteria onto your skin potentially causing irritation and breakouts. With airbrush makeup no brushes, sponges or fingers are used to apply the makeup making it the most sanitary, bacteria free method of makeup application.

Dina Ousley, Founder & President, Dinair Airbrush Makeup

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