Shed Your Skin for a Healthy Glow

exfoliationPreparing our skin for the summer months can be as simple as out with the old, in with the new. Our skin is in a constant cycle of peeling and rejuvenation. Learn how we can maintain a healthy glow by helping along the process to let our new skin shine through.

Our skin care experts have provided us with the following helpful tips that will keep our skin glowing and beautiful.

Seasonal Changes to Your Skin

As the seasons change so too does our skin. While we use a richer moisturizer during winter what we need to do in summer is to start using a lighter moisturizer and keep our skin hydrated and use a sun screen to that it does not get damaged by the harsh sun!

During summer we may break out more as the warmer weather makes our skin more active and we perspire more so keeping our skin clean is important, I always suggest having a second cleanser for summer so that you can remove the oiliness from your skin and give it a really good clean.

Another thing to consider is if you wear foundation everyday to use a lighter style foundation for summer, as a heavy foundation won’t do you any favours. I also recommend if you don’t have facial treatments on a regular basis do have one when the season’s do change so that you can get the right advise for what your skin needs at that point in time.

Ruby Rebic, Owner & Beauty Therapist, Dolce Vita Beaute

Changing Seasons and Shedding Our Skin

The wind, cold and indoor heating leaves our skin dehydrated on the surface, sometimes oily underneath and often flaking in the t-zone.

First, alway address dehydration. For the skin’s surface use a moisture mask (erno laszlo) once to twice a week. For the oily skins, a mud mask (erno laszlo) once a week will clean pores. To remove the flakes on the surface, a vitamin C peel is a gentle way to slough off the dead winter cells. The result is supple, smooth,cleansed skin.

Diana Solomon, Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist

Winter to Spring

If you haven’t been exfoliating during the winter, the spring season is a great time to get back on track. Exfoliating your face 2 x per week keeps pores clean and makes for a dewy complexion. Exfoliating our bodies 3-4 times per week (the skin on our body is thicker thus can tolerate more exfoliation) also keeps our pores clear but also improves circulation and health.

Becky Sturm, CEO Founder, StormSister Spatique

What is your favorite healthy glow skin care treatment that you use to prep your skin for summer?

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