Shed Pounds: Real Food for Real Results

Shed PoundsLearn how to keep your diet real. I mean, let’s face it… keeping things real (living true to our individual selves) is the magic ingredient for a happy existence. (Didn’t you know that we’ve figured out the Cosmos?) But, really. There is something to that. Any time I have tried to add this or that into my life – and it is something that doesn’t really line up with my goals or values – it usually will backfire.

The same goes with food. Why add all the extra chemicals and preservatives, yet expect better results? Our expert contributors recommend that we stick with straight-from-the-earth, natural ingredients when preparing food. Learn how doing so can be beneficial to you and even help you shed pounds.

Keep It Real

What are the best foods to eat to lose weight? The Real Kind. Leaning on convenience foods happens easily in our time-starved society. Because real foods take time to prepare, most of us are relieved to skip steps in its production. Food manufacturers are quite happy to help out. They will plan, shop, chop, cook package and process your food to the simplest refined calorie. Handy as it may be to grab a hundred-calorie pre-packaged snack, buyers beware!

These are usually foods in disguise, stripped of natural nutritional value (to prevent aging) and then chemically re-enhanced. While added “ingredients” may help the manufacturer keep a place on the shelf, they can also fool your senses, generate cravings, give you false nutritional security, and inhibit weight loss. Refined packaged foods can spike your insulin levels, the agent that moves sugar through the blood stream and into the muscles and fat storage for fuel. Refined sugar calories also plummet quickly, leaving the insulin levels high. This imbalance creates the craving for more sugars to be delivered to the blood stream.

However, real foods don’t cause that reaction. They are nutritionally satisfying and regulate blood sugar naturally. They keep the brain alert and help reduce cravings and binges. Used properly (small amounts several times a day), they can also prevent over eating at mealtime. It’s easy to find the real foods at the market. They are the ones without labels or fancy marketing campaigns toting enhanced health benefits. You can easily visualize them growing in nature, and going bad on the counter. They may lack the budget for advertising or eye level placement in the store, but the real foods are also absent of the additives, preservatives and chemical stabilizers.

“Keeping it real” is the trick to reaching your goals while staying satisfied.

Michelle Kobernick, Founder, Gourmet Everyday Delivery 

Eat For Your Brain

Many clients ask, what can I do to lose weight? My first response is “don’t go on a diet!” It is now proven that the food choices we make today can affect our brain now and in the future. When you eat for your health instead of eating for weight loss, you would be amazed at the choices you make. Consuming foods that are good for your BRAIN and heart and avoiding those that may cause Dementia, Alzheimers and Cardiovascular Disease is the best way to change your body. Weight loss can then become a GREAT side effect from eating well. As you plan your next meal ask yourself ~ Will this food choice be “healing” or “harmful” to my brain and long term health?

Susan M. Poore, RN, CNC, CPLC, Owner, Balanced Health 101 

Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Antioxidants

When processed properly, dark chocolate has more antioxidants than any food known on the planet. Numerous studies show chocolate can help boost weight loss for various reasons. In addition to its antioxidant superiority, it appears that chocolate: *Optimizes production of brain chemicals, such as serotonin *Decreases appetite *Improves mood *protects against stress and anxiety *shrinks fat cells, so you lose not only pounds, but inches.

Diana McCalla, Owner, Cocoa 101 

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