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Weightloss, Healthy LifestyleGrowing up, my Mom was always on a diet. It was a constant battle for her to stay the weight she wanted for herself. She would bring our dinner to the table, and a plain chicken breast for herself. However, her weight loss never stuck. She was continually dieting – counting calories, and going hungry. Why, then, wasn’t she seeing the results she hoped for?

Our expert contributors tell us that counting calories and low-calorie diets may be a thing of the past. They stress the importance of balancing your diet, rather than eliminating foods you love to eat. Learn why counting calories can be detrimental and what foods to include in your diet to help you shed pounds permanently.

Does Counting Calories Contribute to Obesity?

Over the past 3 decades counting calories has become more and more common, so much so that every dietitian, nutritionist, fitness trainer and medical doctor whom I know, all talk about counting calories. Sure, many lose weight when eating low calorie food, but what is really being lost? Healthy muscle or unhealthy fat?

Well, the masses rebounding is a perfect indication that actually muscle is being lost and not unhealthy fat. When you lose muscle, rebound is another way of just saying you got your muscle back, but the muscle brought more unhealthy fat with it, because you hadn’t fixed the problem to begin with. If you want to stop counting calories, stop taking diet pills and weight-loss powders, stop wasting your time and money, and stop ruining your health further, stop dieting and start creating healthy eating habits.

Darren Wayne, PhD. Best-Selling Author/Counselor, Natural Healing

Eat Yourself Skinny

Eat well and look young and thin without starving yourself by following a few simple tricks:

1. Carb crazy? Eat your carbs early, divide the portion in half and switch out the white for the brown – whole grain goodness.

2. No sugar please! Ban this binder, it will create sluggishness in your intestinal tract and bring your weight loss to a screeching halt!

3. Red, green, yellow, orange… fruits and veggies, in every color can be a girl’s best friend. Be a little experimental and dig up a few recipes. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

Susan Ricci, Diet and Fitness Author “Skinny For Life”, Susan Ricci Inc.

High Protein Low Carb

The diet that works for my patients (and worked for me) limits carbs to one slice of bread a day (or 1/4 cup rice or one small potato) plus one piece of fruit. The diet should include seven servings of fresh vegetable from the five color groups (red, yellow, green, white and purple), three high protein meals, and multivitamins/minerals, omega 3, and vitamin D supplements.

People with an extremely low carbohydrate intake begin to break down their own fat. This causes them to enter “ketosis,” a metabolic state in which they find their appetite is markedly suppressed. Because they aren’t feeling constantly hungry and weak, they find it easier to reduce their caloric intake to an appropriate level for someone of their height and target weight.

They also have the energy to increase their daily exercise, which hastens the weight loss. In 2006, I myself lost 20 pounds over three months on this diet – and kept the weight off.

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, MD

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