Shed Pounds Eating Chocolate!

Daily allowance of Vitamin AWhat if you could eat chocolate, drink wine, and indulge in a warm, comforting beverage each afternoon, all while shedding pounds! According to our panel of expert contributors… you can.

Come to find out, losing weight and keeping it off, is more about food selection and less about food elimination. You can even shed pounds while indulging in your favorite treats. Learn how to choose the right foods for a well balanced diet.

Lose Weight Sensibly (Wine Included)

We’re always told to “Eat right and Exercise” if we want to lose weight, but what does “eat right” really mean? If you’re a woman in you mid-thirties (or older), the types of foods you choose to lose weight are critical. Women have special needs, especially when it comes to calcium and protein, and most women don’t get enough. In my wellness seminars I tell the ladies they need a protein source at every meal.

For breakfast, egg whites, whole grain toast and coffee are a great start with a little fruit afterwards if you’re still hungry. Fat-free milk at least once a day should be part of the plan as well.

For lunch, a low-fat yogurt provides both protein and calcium. Add a few raw veggies and a handful of nuts or some whole grain and you’ll have plenty of energy until dinner time. The key is to eat foods throughout the day that will keep you energized so you don’t have to fight off those cravings for sweets.

Planning is vital, because if you’re a busy professional or Mom on the go, you need to have the right foods to eat when you’re hungry. Don’t let that fast food drive thru or convenience store lure you in. Come dinner time you can eat what you fix for the family as long as you make the right choices (no Mac & Cheese!) and don’t overdo it. What you can have is that glass of wine (about 140 calories). After all, you deserve it!

Ed Boullianne, Author / Presenter, “You Cant Outsource Weight Loss”

Stop Counting Calories, Focus on Food Origin and Combinations

Focus on proteins and good carbs:  feel free to eat meat and poultry (skin removed) or all varieties of cooked or smoked fish (the fattier is better) or shellfish. Consume it with fresh or cooked vegetables, green beans or green lentils. Say NO to all kinds of potatoes, rice, corn and homemade pasta.

Want pasta? Not a problem. Cook whole grain pasta and consume it with mushrooms, onion, zucchini, tomatoes or eggplant cooked on olive oil. Garnish it with pine nuts, basil, oregano or parsley. Sometimes it is acceptable to add shrimp, crabmeat or calamari. But, please avoid eating pasta with meat, poultry, kielbasa, cheese, cream or butter.

Love chocolate? Enjoy it! Choose chocolate with more than 70% cacao. Do not believe the “Dark chocolate” label, look for a certain number. Such chocolate is also acceptable when it contains coffee beans, almonds or other nuts, but not caramel, raisins or cranberry.

Dr.Irina Koles, Professional Health Coach, Author, Speaker, Journey to YOUR Destiny

Green Tea for Weight Loss!

Drinking a few cups of green tea a day has been shown to raise your metabolism and burn extra calories. In addition, it contains powerful polyphenols that seem to be protective against cancer.

Excuse me, it is time for my nice hot cup of green tea.

Dr Gregg Schneider, Nutritional Dentist, Gregg Schneider, DDS

Ed Boullianne, Author / Presenter, “You Cant Outsource Weight Loss”



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