Sexy Over 40: Sexy Hair at a Sexy Age

StyleWe all yearn for sexy, flowing, gorgeous hair.  Just because we are over 40, doesn’t mean the days of wearing a long, stunning hairdo are over.  Our experts tell us to keep our locks loose and flowing.

Learn how to be sexy over 40 and take your hair from drab to fab using the following tips from our expert contributors:

Know It, Wear It, Live It

Who says you can’t be sexy after 35? My friends and I have always been sexy and I know we’ll never give it up! To stay sexy means to stay current (and I don’t mean looking like your trying to be 17, which is not very sexy ladies). You can dress sexy but, make sure it is appropriate for the time and place.

Don’t fall victom to OLD LADY hair styles. Keep your hair flowing and loose. I don’t care how old you are, if you have good hair it will turn heads! Bottom line ladies it’s ALL in the attitude. Know it, wear it, live it and you are SEXY!

Patricia Davis Brown, Interior Designer, Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Leyla Milani’s Tips and Tricks For Sexy Hair at a Sexy Age

Looking great doesn’t have to drain your bank account, and you certainly don’t need to risk looking ridiculous just to try fitting in and feeling young again. Leyla Milani, creator of Milani Hair Extensions, wants to reveal a few of her secret hair tips and share her hair-do’s and hair-don’ts.

Boost your hair color with coffee and lemonade!

Leyla says, “For dark hair, make a strong pot of black coffee, then let it cool. Shampoo your hair with a cleansing shampoo. Pour the warm coffee on, work it through, leave it in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and apply your favorite conditioner. Comb it through quickly, then rinse with cool water and proceed to style. For light hair, make a pitcher of strong lemonade (no sugar or honey) and follow the same steps.” Voila! Good as new!

Stay longer, longer.

Leyla says, “Conventional wisdom told ladies “of a certain age” to get their hair cut short. However, keeping your hair long can help you look younger – just look at Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston. They’re well out of their twenties but stay youthful with long hair.”

The Do’s and Don’ts!

Do: “Change it up often.” Change is good! Trade in that 90’s do for a sexy new you! “Incorporate real hair extensions for extra variety. Being able to go between short, medium and long hair is a great way to spice things up without spending hours and hard-earned cash at the salon” Leyla says. Plus, who wants the same look everyday?!

Don’t: Imitate tween stars. Choose a hairstyle that fits you and is age-appropriate.

Don’t: Go too drastic. Leyla says, “It is important to change things up every so often, but going too drastic may bring negative attention instead of that jaw-dropping head turn that everyone craves.”

Leyla Milani, Founder of Milani Hair Extensions, Milani Hair


What is your favorite way to add variety to your lovely locks?

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