Sexy Over 40 – From Head to Toe

StyleAre you over the age of 40 and struggling with the balance between sophistication and sexy? Many of us do struggle. We know enough not to bust out the tacky Holiday Sweater with bells and tinsel hanging off the cuff.  But, somehow even when we are all put together and wearing our most stylish clothing, we feel either frumpy or trashy. Where is the in-between balance of stylish and sexy?

Take a look at the following tips our panel of expert contributors provided so you can find your balance and be (and feel) sexy from head to toe.

Spec-tacular Style

Instantly update your look by getting a stylish new pair of eyeglasses. Statement eyewear is a current key trend suitable for everyone, regardless of age or appearance, and can be used to create a fresh look without breaking the bank or doing anything too drastic. Getting the right frame to suit your face shape is essential. Wearers can incorporate various colours and styles to reflect their personality, or even make the transition from a day to night look.

Gabrielle Brigden, Clearly Contacts

5 Tips to Sexy Over 40

I’m a woman well over 40, a stylist, a life facilitator, a writer and more … and I’m still looking hot! These are my top 5 tips for dressing sexy over 40:

  • ALWAYS WEAR A WELL FITTING BRA (it can take 10 years off you)
  • Fitted is fabulous, tight is tacky (don’t want to see any lumpy bits)
  • Investigate Shapewear (it works!)
  • If you’re over 45 throw away the minis and wear skirts to the knee
  • Smile … it’s the sexiest thing on the planet … next to self-confidence!

Penelope Jane Whiteley, Expert, Aging Disgracefully 

A Little Goes A Long Way

Avoid wearing too much “trendy” at the same time. For example, a pair of leopard print pumps with a black belted shirtdress is perfect. Wearing the same leopard print pumps with a leopard print bag, a leopard print pair of pants, a leopard print blazer and leopard print earrings will make you look like you were attacked at a wild animal park and lost the battle. Remember to focus on “one end at a time”. If you’re wearing a fantastic mini-skirt and high heels, cover up the cleavage. If you’re wearing a “down to there” top, pair it with an awesome knee-length pencil skirt or dark-wash skinny jeans. Don’t display everything all at once – instead of sincere compliments, you’ll instead be receiving sincere propositions.

Carole Brody Fleet, Author / Chief Executive Officer, Widows Wear Stilettos


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  1. What great advice. I think classy and sexy beats tacky any day. Love the comment about smiling, it also makes the day better and is the best accesory you own!

    Suzanne Andrews
    Host of Functional Fitness, PBS TV

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