Set and Reach Your Goals with These Steps

Successful Women | Dream Big | Setting GoalsSetting a goal and sticking to it can be a challenge. For some, it may even seem impossible. For many, this is the reason they never start in the first place. Don’t let that happen to you! If you have something you would like to accomplish… YOU CAN DO IT!  You can achieve your goal.   Here is a plan for success:

The Goal Blaster – 3 Tips to Blast through goals or goal plateaus and continue your progress in health and career:

1. 80% Rule- When you’re zeroing in on achieving a goal set your next goal.
2. Set Goals that Make your Strecth beyond your comfort zone
3. Check Points- Create check in points to keep you focused on the big picture of your goals.

If you don’t set check points you can get comfortable where you are and begin to backslide or plateau. I use these three tips to assist my clients in creating amazing life changing body transformations.

Rahz Slaughter, Creator 28 Day Belly Fat Diet | Owner of MetaBurn Fat Loss Studio NY, Breakthroughs To Fitness

Make A List

The best way to stay on track with your goals is to write them down. It’s good to revisit past goals that have been reached so you have a sense of accomplishment, also to remember that your goals are attainable. It’s important to not be busy to the point that you can’t check in with yourself. The morning is a great time to think and express gratitude for what you have and the evening is a good time to plan goals for the next day.

Shalea Walker, Founder, Walker’s Apothecary 

Goals for Goals!

In our minds we have “goals” but no plan. Without a plan the chance of achieving a goal is slim to none.

1. Write down your goal and then break it down into parts. (ex: Goal is to Lose 20lbs. It is reasonable to expect to lose 3lbs a week if I workout 3-4 times a week and eat well. By the end of week seven I should have reached my goal!.)

2. The Plan includes the breakdown of the goal. Put yourself first! Have a workout plan and stick to it. Have a meal plan and stick to it. The plan must be reasonable but challenging. If it is easy, it is probably not going to work!

Daniel FitzSimons, Owner, BodyFitz 

DON’T get discouraged! Your best differs from day to day – so do the best you can and be willing to pick the ball back up if you drop it. We all drop it at one point or another. Some just pick it back up more quickly than others.

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