Sensitive Skin Care Techniques for Healthy Skin

Healthy SkinIt is important to remember to be gentle with your sensitive skin.  Often times we are hurrying about getting ready for the day that we are rough with our skin and pay little attention to how we are taking care of ourselves.

Learn how to give your skin a little TLC and how to avoid the things that cause irritation to your skin.

How to Handle Your Sensitive Skin With Care!

  • To prep: limit exfoliation to no more than 1x per week. Exfoliate a few hours before makeup (say the night before) to avoid any redness.
  • Sensitive skin in general should avoid any products with fragrance or essential oils. Not only are they common irritants, but when combined with sunlight they breed hyperpigmentation!
  • Sensitive skin is already prone to sunspots. Many makeup lines include multiple “botanical” ingredients, most are not necessary in makeup, and less is more with sensitive skin. However, botanicals may be very beneficial in cleansing and moisturizing products.
  • Prep skin with a hydrating moisturizer, preferably one with hyaluronic acid or heavy water (D2o). This will keep the skin surface even and protected from potential irritants in makeup and the environment.
  • Apply makeup with a soft clean brush or sponge, dampened with hydrating toner or water. This keeps the brush from absorbing excess product as well as providing a gentler glide on sensitive skin.
  • I always remind my clients to move the product, not your skin. In other words, apply enough product or makeup to spread it evenly without yanking on your delicate skin, and further irritating it.

Laurie Neronha, Holistic Esthetician Herbalist, Viriditas Beautiful Skin Therapies

I Have Sensitive Skin

This is a subject I can professionally speak on! I am a former personal shopper for 15 years and the author of the popular book, “What is Beautiful: Secrets of a Personal Shopper”. But what I did not mention in all of the above – I HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN!! Yes – I am allergic to wool on my skin, clorox used profusely in motels on towels etc. and generally anything that would turn perfect smooth skin to red bumpy, irrated skin.

First of all – know the things that cause break-outs. If it is a fabric – avoid it. This sounds simple, but many times because of fashion we try to fit in. If any fabric is abrasive: linen, harsh starched cotton, wool , please avoid it. There are many cotton, cordoroy and felt, silk materials that are soft and appropriate. Use caution with fragrance as many will cause irritated skin break-outs. Keep perfume to a minimum – and spray on wrists which are usually tollerant.

While outside on your vacation, remember you sunscreen and bring it with you – bring your hat and comfortable shoes. You will be so much more comfortable and better company – if you are happy and not in pain.!

When traveling, bring your pillow case and your face-towels. Usually the large body towels will be O.K. but your face is especially tender! Bring your own cleanser. And as you enjoy your vacation, remember your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Your skin is the largest organ in your body – care for it as you are planning.

Tica Tallent

How do you take extra precautions to handle your sensitive skin with care?


  1. Zita Christian

    Great topic! I interviewed Laurie a few years ago on my television show, Full Bloom. This article calls for another interview. In the interest of full disclosure, Laurie is my daughter and I thank her every day for helping me take care of my 64-year-old skin.

  2. Thanks for posting my tips! Sensitive skin can be such a challenge. In my practice I believe many, MANY people present with sensitive skin as a response to internal inflammation, primarily from diet. The biggies? Sugar and wheat (gluten) Cutting back or eliminating these from the diet can have a profound impact on overall health, and indirectly, the skin. We look at dairy too, especially for acne, and skin that gets rashy and red easily.

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