Remove Toxins, Remove Unwanted Fat

Well Balanced DietThere are many ingredients in our foods today that are additives to give it a longer shelf life, or reduce sugar and calorie counts, and often times these tweaks can have a more harming effect than good. When choosing what foods to eat to lose weight it is important that we stick to natural, healthy alternatives. Creating these healthy eating habits will promote good overall health and also assist in our efforts to keep our weight at the level where we want it.

Learn about the importance of removing toxins from our system, why it will help you in your efforts to shed pounds, and what foods we should eat to lose weight and keep it off!

Give Your Body the Good Stuff

What to Eat: Eat lean protein at every meal; eat a LOT of vegetables; eat a small amount of good, complex carbs, fruits (mostly low-glycemic) and good fats.

What NOT to Eat: Eliminate all sugar, fried foods, additives, chemicals, etc. Give Yourself the Good Stuff!

Our body is a chemistry experiment, not a bank account. It’s about putting good food inside to allow your metabolism to work…not counting calories. Of course, you don’t want to over eat, but losing weight is much more complex than counting calories. Also, determine any food allergies and food sensitivities you may have. This is another key to weight loss. Without doing this, weight loss can be very difficult because food sensitivities cause inflammation in our bodies, limiting the amount of weight we can lose.

Rhonda A. McKinney, CN, Certified Nutritionist, Healthy Solutions


Eat Toxins Not, Get Fat Not – What to Eat (and Not Eat) to Shed Pounds!

Women always ask me, how can I lose weight? While there is no one magic trick to instantly *poof* remove your fat, there are a few tricks to not gain even MORE fat and even more tricks to lose the fat that you have! The magic potion lies in what you eat and what you DON’T eat!

Our body is this amazing machine that does whatever it can to ensure our survival and to protect us from harm. One thing it does, out of pure kindness, is to create extra fat cells to envelop toxins every time we ingest them! Isn’t that nice of it? Our body wants to protect us, so every time we consume a chemical or substance that shouldn’t be in there, it creates an extra fat cell for us and wraps it around the toxin. What a nice thing to do! So what are toxins? Besides the obvious like cigarette smoke and other substances, all of those chemicals in processed foods are toxins as well! Look at a label next time you go grocery shopping. If you are reading words on the label that you can’t pronounce, DON’T buy that food! It’s as simple as that.

So, to not gain more fat, don’t eat toxins! What is the best way to lose the fat you have? Everyone knows that a healthy diet is the key to weight loss and good health, but changing your diet at first can be overwhelming. So, take baby steps! The first thing to do is to make small changes in your diet. The smallest change you can make is to start buying fresh, natural, and even organic foods! If organic is not readily available to you, trying shopping at a farmer’s market! You can get natural foods for a lot less, and you’ll know exactly where they came from and how they were grown.

The best rule of thumb for eating to lose weight is that if a food was not around 100 years ago, don’t eat it! If Mother Nature didn’t make it, then your body doesn’t need it. Along those lines, if a food could literally stay in your pantry for 100 years and not decay because of all the chemicals in it, don’t eat it either! To help your body detox and LOSE those fat cells you already have, eat detoxifying foods! Your liver is detoxing your body every day, but the more chemicals it intakes, the less efficiently it can do its job. Help your liver out by eating natural foods and laying off the chemicals.

What are great, detoxifying foods? Raw vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, berries, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, and citrus fruits like lemons and limes – again, whatever Mother Nature put on this great, green Earth. Squeeze a lemon in your hot or cold water every day and your liver will thank you.… as well as your waistline!

Justine SanFilippo, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Happy Healthy People 

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