Rejuvenating Spring Skin Treatments

exfoliationThe weather warming, the trees are budding, and the flowers are beginning to peek out from under the earth. Isn’t it time our skin does the same? Learn how to clear the way for your spring skin and freshen up what the dry months of winter may have left chapped and dry.

Our experts have provided us with the following facial treatments that will have your skin looking renewed for spring.

Seasonal Transitions for Your Skin

One of the best ways to help your skin transition from winter to spring is by removing the dead, dry patches with a facial scrub. This will clear away the unproductive, lifeless texture to make room for the healthy, vibrant skin underneath.

If you are someone that will be in the sun all summer this is also a good time to finish up using Vitamin A products since this ingredient should not be used when exposed to the sun. Vitamin A will help reduce pigmentation and fine lines in preparation for more flawless looking summer skin.

Megan Franks, Operations Manager, Esthetician, Paradise Skin Products

Inspiring Fruit Facials Just in Time for Spring!

Would you believe that a simple face mask that you can make at home can easily have over 200 times the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of the $300 jar of anti-aging, “antioxidant” moisturizer that you purchase at a high-end retail store?!

Bring on the Beauty Berry – We’ve all heard the success stories of Acai working from the inside out – but what about applied topically?

Simply mix Acai Berry Juice with Bentonite Clay, which you can purchase at any drugstore, and apply to the face like a mask.

The bentonite clay will absorb up to 40 times its weight in toxins and extract any black heads, whiteheads or impurities from your face while the antioxidants in the Acai, with over 3,000 ORAC, will begin to dramatically slow down wrinkles and balance the pH of your skin.

Another home remedy for beautiful glowing skin is the Papaya fruit!

Pat your Face with Papaya – This tasty fruit does wonders for your skin because of a unique enzyme called papain. Simply take the inside of the skin from a fresh cut papaya and pat on your face, the enzyme will naturally exfoliate and remove dead skin cells (it literally digests them). Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Dry it with a towel and you’ll notice a refreshing glow to your skin! .

Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, President & CEO, Genesis Today

What is your favorite spring skin ritual that provides rejuvenation to your skin?

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