Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist – From Experts Dr. Katie Roden and Dr. Kathy Fields

DermatologistWhether you’re going to your first dermatologist appointment or are in the habit of getting a yearly check-up, the following advice will help you be prepared for your next office visit. This week we are featuring articles addressing the best questions to ask your dermatologist.

Check out this excellent preparation overview from the well-known dermatology duo, Dr. Katie Roden and Dr. Kathy Fields, co-founders of the skin care line Rodan + Fields and Proactiv.

Guidelines to help you prepare for your next dermatologist appointment:

“Come to your appointment with a list of questions you have prepared beforehand. Make sure you prioritize them in order of importance because the reality is that your doctor will have limited time to spend with you and additional follow-up visits may be required to address them all. Don’t be insulted if your doctor will not answer cosmetic questions during a visit scheduled for medical purposes. He or she likely scheduled only enough time to deal with your primary concern.

Patients often go through their list of questions and then say ‘Oh, by the way.’ It turns out that question is usually what they should have brought to my attention first. Remember that the subject that seems most embarrassing is probably the most urgent. Don’t be shy. It is really important for your health and well-being to tell us what is going on.

A day or two before you see your dermatologist scan your entire body for potential skin, hair and nail issues. Note anything that warrants discussion; this might include plantar warts, dry, itchy skin, “broken” capillaries, or toenail fungus just to name a few.

Since full-body skin checks are not always routine; if that is your request, let the scheduler know ahead of time to allow ample time during your appointment. When you meet with your doctor, you should point out all of the moles that may have changed or appeared since your last visit. We have patients who come in with pen marks circling the moles they want to have checked so they don’t forget where they are. It’s a simple trick that works well for them and us.”

Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields, co-founders of Rodan + Fields, Dermatologists and Proactiv 


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