Pinpoint the Cause of Your Acne Breakouts

When you are dealing with adult acne it is important to first pinpoint the cause of your breakouts.  Before you go slapping harsh products onto your skin, first take a step back and ask what might be causing your skin to act out?  Treat the source of the problem first, and the pimply effects will fade.

Learn what some of the causes of your acne breakouts might be and how to treat those causes using the following acne help from our experts.

Find the Source First, Then Treat It

First try to decipher the source of the acne. Once you know the source of the problem, it’s easier to treat.

Is it hormonal?  If the problem is hormonal, you can try to balance it out with foods or herbs.

Is it food-based? Too much sugar makes my skin break out. This includes sugar from candy, soda, cookies, maybe even wheat. So, I scale back if I start to break out.

Is your skin oily? Your break outs could be from make-up and oil deep in your pores. Try a good steam facial to really clean your pores out. Then lightly cleanse your face after steaming it. This should adequately clean your pores.

Do you have sensitive skin? Try using a very gentle possibly fragrance-free natural cleanser. Eliminate anything harsh, and when washing your face, please be gentle with your skin. Harsh scrubbing and exfoliating can exacerbate the situation.

Mya Passmore, Gwen’s Blends

Food Matters

Studies show an improvement after eliminating hormone-carrying dairy products. A high glycemic diet containing processed carbohydrates, white breads, and unrefined sugars raises insulin levels and may affect the level of androgen (male hormones) which tends to flare acne.

Debra Jaliman, MD, Author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist

A Clear Colon

To understand how to stop adult acne, you must first understand the cause of adult acne. The common thinking is that you should put something on your skin to stop acne, but that will never work long-term, because the cause is not your skin at all. The cause of all acne is your colon. Someone with acne will always have up to several clogs in their colon, which is why most acne sufferers also have constipation or go to the bathroom once a day and think that isn’t constipation when it still very much is.

Darren Wayne, PhD., Spokesman, GreenhaDeals


How have you been able to treat your acne breakouts by first pinpointing the cause?

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