Part Two: A Few of My Favorite Tips

Welcome to part two of our Holiday series, A Few of My Favorite Tips.  Again, I would like to express my appreciation to our readers for taking the time to learn from and enjoy our publication.  I would also like to extend a big THANK YOU to our panel of expert contributors for providing us with all the helpful tips and tricks we discuss on and

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Avoid Fine Lines and Wrinkles Using these Moisturizing Tips

Under-eye makeup caking can add years to our appearance by making fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes much more noticeable.

Because this delicate skin is different from the skin elsewhere on the body, as it lacks in both sweat and oil glands, this area is highly susceptible to dehydration. Bottom line, we need extra moisture. Before applying your under eye makeup be sure to apply a moisturizing eye gel or eye cream. This extra moisture helps plump and hydrate your skin and will keep your makeup much more creamy in consistency rather than dry and ‘cakey.’ Be sure to apply a moisturizing eye cream at bed time as well to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep.

When applying your under eye makeup take the slow and easy approach by putting on light layers until you achieve your ideal look. Too much makeup will definitely result in caking. For a little touch up during the day, apply a little dab of under eye gel or eye cream to help redistribute and freshen the appearance of your makeup.

Jacquie Carter, Director, Worldwide Product Marketing – Outer Nutrition


Will you please check my new or changing mole?

If you notice you have a changing mole, you should always ask your Dermatologist to specifically evaluate it. When considering atypical moles, you should follow the ABCDE rule:

A= asymmetry: One side does not look like the other side.
B= border: The edge of the spot is irregular.
C= color: The color throughout the mole is uneven.
D= diameter: The size of the spot is greater than the size of a pencil tip eraser.
E= evolution: The spot is changing.

If you see a spot that you never noticed before, or if a spot looks different to you than it had been, ask your Dermatologist to check it out. They are trained to spot potentially harmful lesions on the body and have special magnifiers called dermatoscopes that can help identify these risky moles. Melanoma is one of the rarer forms of skin cancer, but is deadly. So if you notice a spot is changing, get it checked out. Early detection is key, and a sample can be taken to send to the lab to test a funny mole if necessary.

Joshua Zeichner, MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research

Steps to Stay Motivated

1. Make a pact with yourself that you are going to stick to the plan for your training and fitness-in whatever it is you do, ie: running, general fitness, martial arts, sports, or a mix of all of the above. Decide that this pact is inviolable and be true to yourself. Don’t let others distract you. But make sure that the goals are reasonable and can fit into your lifestyle.

2. Take some time to map out a plan so every day there is something that you do to take care of yourself. 3. Be reasonable. Include some real challenges, but only on 1 or 2 of the days. Build in training that is fun in between as a reward.

3. Sandwich in easy workouts in between, so that you don’t cause repetitive stress injuries or worse-boredom!

4. Have a day that you absolutely don’t train at all except maybe some breathing, or Tai Chi, or walking. Without a downtime training day, your body won’t imprint the benefits from the rest of the week, plus, the downtime training helps flush the free radicals out of the body and helps you gain momentum for the rest of the week’s plan.

Khadi Madama-The First Lady of MMA Yoga


Happy Holidays and wishing you many blessings as we close out the year 2011 and look forward to 2012.

Ann Sandretto

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