Never Reach Your Goals – Dream Big Instead!

Successful Women | Dream Big | Setting GoalsSo, You’ve Reached Your Goal. Now What? Well, today our experts are telling us to “Never Reach Our Goals!” What? Never reach our goals? NO… Dream Big instead!

Have you ever wondered how successful women do it? How do they go from one project to another turning everything they touch to gold? For starters, they never stop setting goals. Read the tips below from our expert contributors who tell us why it is important to keep looking ahead,  even when our goal is completed.


“A friend of mine once asked me, “What was the high point of my life?” And I was completely stumped. I have not reached the high point of my life and probably never will. Once you achieve one goal it’s time to go on to the next.”

Nancy Deville, Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Advocate, Heavenly Clouds, LLC

“Before reaching any goal, you need to set another one! In my 17 years of researching very successful people, one thing I have noticed, is they continually have a new goal in place before reaching the first one.

Many years ago, I watched a friend of mine, Scott Kyle train tirelessly to swim the English Channel. He swam incessantly, changed his diet, and it was often the topic of conversations. A few weeks prior to the event, at a cocktail party, I asked him about the upcoming experience, and he diverted to a new goal he had, in Marshall Arts. I asked him why, and he explained that whenever he has a goal, when it approaches, he focuses on another to avoid disappointment and keep motivation high. I learned a VERY important lesson in that conversation and have always made this a practice in my life, as well as with my thousands of coaching clients.”

Bonnie Bruderer, C.E.O. V.I.S.S. (The Vision Board Training)

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  1. rachelhonoway

    I love the “keep reaching for the stars” advice!

    I received a picture frame once as a gift. It had the word “Success” at the bottom of the frame. I have never been able to figure out what to put in that frame. Each time I accomplish something, I feel like… “well, if I could do THAT, what’s next?”

    I think we should all celebrate our little successes as we reach milestones… but that shouldn’t stop us from continuing to challenge ourselves and continue to grow!

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