Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Oily SkinAm I supposed to apply moisturizer to my oily skin? Good question. We were wondering the same thing. This week we will explore the mystery behind oily skin and what skincare regimens will help promote a healthy balance.  Learn what ingredients to look for when choosing products for your skin.

Our expert contributor and board certified dermatologist, Cynthia Baily, says…

YES! Moisturize Your Oily Skin!

Skin moisture is actually water, not oil. This is why people with oily skin usually need a moisturizer too. The purpose of a moisturizer is to trap water. Your natural oils can do that but they’re not produced as quickly after washing as you need. Applying the right moisturizer can help do the job but you need to find one that traps water without leaving a heavy oily feel on your skin.

Skin with adequate trapped water is considered hydrated. Moisturizers traditionally work by utilizing an oil to trap water, which when applied right after washing/wetting the skin traps water by sealing over the skin and preventing evaporation. The oil glands don’t coat the skin fast enough after washing to act as your moisturizing oil!

The dilemma is that using oil containing moisturizers will feel heavy on your skin later in the day once your oil glands are coating you with your own oil. This means that you need to find moisturizers with non-oil ingredients that trap water and apply them immediately after washing.

The best non-oil ingredients in skin care products that bind water can feel light on oily skin yet still help keep your skin hydrated and supple. These are especially great for oily skin moisturizing, but all skin type benefits from them too. Some of my favorite oil free moisturizing ingredients are

• hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate)
• glycerin
• squalane
• alpha hydroxy acids.

These ingredients are capable of holding water in the skin without using oil to do it. Instead they use the natural water binding capacity of the ingredients themselves. They’re that brilliant bridge between science and nature that I love so much!

Cynthia Bailey MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Bailey Skin Care

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