Moisturize for Healthy Looking Skin

Healthy SkinProperly moisturizing our skin is vital for a smooth complexion.  Do you skip out on moisturizing during your cleansing routine? If so, you are not doing yourself any favors.

Learn why moisturizing your skin is important and effective.  Our Beauty expert, Christin Peeples, shares a few moisturizing techniques with us that will give us healthy looking skin.

Soft, Supple, Simple

Moisturizing is an integral part of any skincare regimen. It serves as a protective barrier against the environment, reduces the signs of aging, and promotes hydration needed for healthy skin. Moisturizer should be applied shortly after cleansing, while the skin is still damp to lock in moisture all day.

The application of your moisturizer is equally as important, particularly when applying to the face. Ensure that moisturizer is applied using upward strokes to defy gravity. Often times the neck and décolletage are overlooked so be sure to include these areas of the body in your daily moisturizing regimen as well.

Be sure to choose a moisturizer that has an abundance of natural and organic ingredients. This will promote proper absorption and ensure the skin’s natural pH balance is restored. Moisturizing is a simple way to promote skin that is healthy, soft & supple. Include moisturizing in your skincare regimen and see the difference.

Christin Peeples, Beauty Expert/Founder Jordan Alexis Beauty

How often do you include moisturizer in your beauty routine for healthy looking skin?

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  1. Lydelle

    As the fashion god, Zoolander, once said “water is the essence of beauty.” Lol. But seriously, before we get into extracts, chemicals, ingredients, diet, etc. Moisture is at the crux of great skin care. There are certainly some great skin care products out there and I’m always interested in ways to build upon what know-how I already have.

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