Take the Mystery Out of Menopause

Where to TurnFor many years women endured the symptoms of menopause dutifully, without giving it much thought or talking much about it.  Menopause was just another stage of life that would eventually pass – so what did they do?  Suck it up.  Well, those days are over.  Today women have come a long way from their proper, tight-lipped ancestors and are much more willing to be open and share their experiences in order to help another.

Our expert contributors are helping us take the mystery out of menopause.  Learn the signs of menopause and receive additional menopause information that will help you cope with your symptoms.

The long, sweaty slide into Menopause can take anywhere from 3 to 11 years. Peri menopause usually begins in a woman’s 40s but in some women, they begin the telltale hormonal bounce in their mid-to-late 30s.

Primary signs that you’ve entered Stage One of the three tiered Menopause process are:

1.  Your periods begin to get out of synch. Timing and/or flow may begin to change.

2.  You may begin experiencing anxiety, depression and/or mood swings. Unexplained weepiness.

3.  You may wake up with night sweats, or suffer hot flashes during the day.

4.  Heart palpitations and unexplained panic attacks might sneak up on you.

5.  Insomnia and fatigue become your close companions.

6.  You need to go to the bathroom – a lot – and frequently.

7.  You begin to develop memory problems and become forgetful. (hopefully not while on your way to the bathroom…)

8.  You might start to gain weight and retain fluid.

9.  Your breasts become sore and tender at times during the month.

10. You might begin to have migraines at times.

11. You’re usually-happy tummy ceases to be happy. Allergies and IBS symptoms can begin at this time.

12) Loss of libido can occur – as well as painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness and sensitivity.

What to do?

#1: Work to greatly eliminate stress as much as possible. It is indeed a killer- and it will make your Menopause experience a nightmare if it’s not controlled and managed.

#2: Practice self care as often as possible: eat well, sleep well and enough, exercise regularly, and make time daily for little pampering rituals that will help you feel loved and well cared for.

#3: Do NOT suffer in silence or try to just ‘endure’. Set up a support network of trusted female friends and family and also find a doctor that you can really trust- one who LISTENS and HEARS you… be it an OB GYN/ND or GP but make sure that you are receiving the information, help and support you need. Way too many women suffer and endure to the point of having no quality of life left- and that’s just heartbreaking! It doesn’t have to be that way!

#4) While at that trusted Dr.’s office: get your thyroid checked in depth, your adrenal health checked and your hormone panel checked! Also take a look at cortisol, testosterone and DHEA levels. All are important to your ultimate hormone health!

#5) Celebrate this time of your life for all it’s worth- because it is worth alot- and it brings with it great and wonderful blessings and freedoms- if you will but look….

Carrie E. Pierce, Founder and President, Menopauserus.com

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