Sources of Calcium for Bone Nutrition

HealthyGood nutrition is imperative for healthy bones. There are many forms of nutrition that can help us build good bone healthy and prevent osteoporosis from setting in.

Learn the proper bone nutrition and various sources of calcium that will help you maintain strong, healthy bones.

Boosting Bones

Osteoporosis has very little symptoms, that’s why doctors do scans on women yearly.

Tip – focus on maintaing your bone nutrition on a daily basis by choosing foods that are high in calcium – like almond butter. Use as a spread on bread, add it to a smoothie or add almonds to a muffin recipe.

Celia Westberry, CEO, Westberry Wellness Programs, LLC

Reduce Cellular Inflammation

Ease of bone fracture is usually the first indication of severe osteoporosis. The best to reduce its development is the reduction of cellular inflammation (which increases the rate of bone breakdown). An anti-inflammatory diet with adequate protein and high-dose fish oil is the best way to reduce that type of inflammation.

There is some evidence that the combination of calcium and Vitamin D can help build bone.

Dr. Barry Sears, President, Zone Labs, Inc.

Strengthen Those Bones

Osteoporosisis a common disease that weakens bones, may lead to fractures, and decrease bone size. Bones respond to mechanical stress placed upon them, proper nutrition and circulating calcium and vitamin D. Do resistance exercises and gentle strengthening throughout your life. Bones remodel continuously in order to provide the needed framework for your structure and function. Pay attention to your posture to ensure that your bones provide balanced support.

Paul T Scheatzle DO MS, Physician/Author, Bailey Rehabilitation

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