Power Foods for the Mind & Body

Herbs and SpicesRespecting the body’s need for a balanced, healthy diet is imperative. Whole foods are key for women in menopause to power both mind and body. Super foods in the Mediterranean diet are a great start – olive oil, fish, beans, chicken, some lean meats and feta cheese and yogurt, beans, vegetables, fruits and whole grains such as brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta, quinoa.

Also important is to combine the Mediterranean Diet with glycemically balanced eating. The term ‘glycemic” refers to the presence of sugar in the blood. Following a diet that focuses on leveling out blood sugar is key to preventing the release of excess insulin and is an important step to balancing all hormones in the body.

Depending upon one’s weight, age and physical activity, a combined Mediterranean and Glycemic Index Diet approach might include:

• 6-10 servings of vegetables per day
• 1- 3 servings of fruit low glycemic fruits per day
• 3-5 servings per week of eggs and poultry
• Whey protein, fish, chicken – 4-5 servings per week
• Olives and nuts – 4 servings per week
• Whole grains in limited amounts – 1 – 3 servings per day
• Nuts and seeds daily
• Low consumption of potatoes – 1 – 2 times per week

Rosalie Moscoe, Motivational Speaker & Consultant on Stress Relief and Nutrition, RHN, RNCP., Health in Harmony


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