Learn the Reason for Night Sweats and How to Avoid Them

Menopause QuestionsHot flashes and night sweats are mostly associated with menopause and the symptoms of preimenopause. Truth be told, the hormonal imbalance that causes hot flashes and night sweats can occur at any stage in a woman’s life. These symptoms are more than an inconvenience produced by our changing hormones. They are actually our bodies cry for help, an indication that something we are doing isn’t agreeing with our system.

Get the scoop on hot flashes, the reason for night sweats, and other menopause symptoms.  Learn from our expert contributors a few tips about how to avoid them altogether.

News Flash on Hot Flashes

Studies over the years have shown that women can easily fight encroaching hot flashes of menopause with a diet enriched with both calcium and Vitamin E. Green leafy vegetables as well as raw nuts would be a great grab or addition to a meal, while the excess of alcohol, dairy white granulated sugar and red meat, should be reduced or avoided altogether.

Laurie Towers, CEO, Physical Advantage PC, The Bridal Body Shop

Clear Out the Crap

In my experience with clients, hot flashes are affected by the foods you eat. Eat more crap, get more hot flashes. Drink more red wine, get more hot flashes. Hot flashes can be a way for your body to detox and eliminate toxins through the skin. In many cases, eliminating processed foods, white sugar, alcohol and dairy will lessen the symptoms of hot flashes.

Eating a whole food diet consisting of mainly 50% vegetables and leafy greens is recommended for both women before and after menopause. Green vegetables and leafy greens have phytonutrients that help the body to detoxify better. Eat your greens every day!

Joanna Chodorowska, President, Nutrition in Motion

Elevate Your Mood With These Menopausal Diet Tips

For women who are undergoing menopause, the estrogen levels in their body decreases, and the weight is distributed to their stomach. As we age, our metabolism gets slower and our calorie intake stays the same. So that is one of the reasons why women gain more weight when they get older. A menopausal diet will help women maintain their weight and will also become healthier. It involves consuming calcium.

Another type of food and beverage that women should avoid is alcohol and coffee. These may exacerbate the occurrence of hot flushes, a common symptom of menopause. It is also essential to eat fruits and vegetables, since these goodies will keep women healthy.

Reena Mariel, Beauty Is My Duty

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