Use Confidence To Portray Your Naturally Sexy Look

BeautyAs our birthday passes each year we may notice some additional wear and tear that our bodies have had to endure.  We may even be tempted to think it has seen better days.  We start to wish we were more like the automobile – when our lease is up, trade that baby in for a shiny new model.  The good news is that our bodies certainly don’t depreciate as fast as the value of a car.  If we take pride in ourselves and exude a little confidence, we may be pleasantly surprised at how this alone will shave years off our appearance.

We asked our experts to give us their advice on how women over 40 could show off their natural sex appeal.  Cyber-Dating expert, Julie Spira, wrote in:

Confidence Is The Number One Key To Remaining Sexy

“As women age, some start to feel insecure about their looks, body and their status if they’re not in a relationship. While it might seem natural to go to extreme solutions such as cosmetic surgery, my number one recommendation is to feel good about yourself from the inside out. Confidence is the sexiest trait to a man as well as in the workplace. I suggest that you dress in form flattering clothes, add some color to your wardrobe, make sure you smile at strangers when you’re out-and-about, and know that when you speak with confidence and hold your head up high, you’ll feel better about yourself. Indulge in a bubble bath from time-to-time, and stop by the local makeup counter at your favorite department store for a complimentary facial makeover.”

Julie Spira, CEO, Cyber-Dating Expert

As a sexy woman over 40, how do you keep your confidence levels at their peak?

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