Unite Your Home Front This 9/11

BeautyTo celebrate National Skin Care Awareness Month we have featured a number of articles on our site this last week about treating our skin with kindness.

Today, in honor of the 9/11 attacks, I would like to focus on another type of kindness. And that is the love of one another. When you’re in a relationship it is very easy to get caught up in the everyday grind and fall into a rut of sorts. On a day that continues to remind us of the importance of a united nation, let’s talk about the importance of a united home front.

Author, Donna McDonald talks about how important it is to keep love, romance, and sex very active between you and your partner.

Keep your love life as a top priority

During the periods of our lives where young children and growing careers are consuming beyond belief, women and their significant others often dream of the time when they can indulge their physical urges spontaneously. I remember promising myself that when the kids were out of the house or my life was less hectic or fill-in-the-blank-etc that I would spend more quality time giving love and sex the important priority I longed to give it.

In these days of tighter wallets and more worries, spending quality time together being romantic and going to bed early to play is a great, mostly cost-free way to bring a level of intense value back to our busy, overwhelmingly complicated lives. Almost all women over 40 have heard the “use it or lose it” lecture from their doctors about the imperative health need for keeping sexually active as we age. My tip is to make it an ongoing priority to fully engage our life partners in romance, love, sex or whatever else fills that emotional and physical need.

How will you know you succeed? Check out your smile the next morning and how happy your partner is with things as well. Listen to the compliments of people who know you and start telling you how much younger you seem.

Donna McDonald, Author

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