Essential Foods to Fight Menopause Symptoms

CalciumWhen experiencing menopause symptoms it may feel like your body is no longer your own.  You are dealing with many physical sensations and heightened emotions that you have never before experienced.  By adding certain options into your diet you can gain back control of your life and navigate your way through menopause feeling confident and more like the person you know.

Our expert contributor and physician, Caroline Cederquist, has provided us with a few essential foods to eat during menopause that will help alleviate your symptoms.

Essential Foods to Fight Menopause Symptoms

Insomnia, hot flashes, weight gain, and fatigue are just some of the many symptoms women go through when they are dealing with menopause.

Fish may not be your most favorite thing on the menu, but certain fish like salmon and trout have shown to decrease your risk of heart disease, and help you lose weight. It is recommended that to maintain a healthy weight, you should at least have two servings of fish as healthy meals per week.

Once you start going through menopause, your need for calcium will also increase. By having a glass of low-fat milk, and eating a cup of non-fat yogurt, you should be getting about 1,100 mg of calcium, which means you only need a little more to make up the difference. You can make up what you don’t get by taking a calcium supplement to make up the difference. Make sure when choosing dairy, you choose low-fat products. This way, you can still eat the healthy meals you need, but still get the calcium dose you should have.

Eating heart healthy foods like vegetables and whole grains will help with your bloating during your menopausal time, by giving you the fiber you need to relive your symptoms and to keep you healthy.

Before you give into the misconception that soy increases your risk of breast cancer, there is little evidence that has shown this is true. In fact, some foods like tofu, soy nuts, and soy milk actually help reduce hot flashes and give you essential nutrients, without upping your chances of getting breast cancer. Some soy supplements do encourage growth of estrogen-sensitive tumors, but these are only supplements that contain a very high amount of soy. Otherwise, soy in combination with healthy meals can help relieve some of your biggest menopausal symptoms.

Caroline Cederquist, Founding Physician, BistroMD

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