Essential Foods For Menopause

Menopause AnswersAging creates a whole world of uncertainty for women. Our bodies are constantly adjusting to one natural phenomenon after another, puberty, pregnancy and childbirth (possibly multiple times), hormone imbalance – to name a few. Just when we get a handle on our PMS symptoms, another change hits us with yet another set of issues we must learn to manage. Yes, I’m talking about the big M… Menopause.

While everyone responds to menopause in their own unique and personal way, we feel that proper diet and exercise are imperative to manage our menopause symptoms. On our quest for menopause answers we asked our experts, What essential foods should women include in their diet as they go through menopause?

Eat A High Raw Diet for Menopause

To make menopause a nonevent, or close to it, eat a high raw diet (80% or more of the calories being from raw foods, not heated above 118 F). I went through menopause at age 50 and didn’t have any hot flashes as long as I stuck to a high raw diet. A plant based diet is rich in phytoestrogens. Eating raw maca root, a Peruvian super food used by the Incas of Peru, will also help regulate hormones during peri-menopause or menopause. One study showed that 3.5 grams a day of powdered maca reduced menopausal symptoms including anxiety, depression, and sexual dysfunction.

Susan Schenck, LAc, Author of The Live Food Factor and a recent book, Beyond Broccoli


One afternoon, a little over 2 years ago, I felt this very warm feeling start at the core of my body, and then quickly it rushed towards my head. And after a moment of silence I realized I had just experienced my first hot flash! The question now was “What am I going to do about it?” Studying my graduate work in Holistic Nutrition told me that I COULD manage any menopausal symptoms with food and detoxing. I kept a positive attitude, and saw this as a fun quest towards my own personal well-being. My first attempt was to eat at least a 50-75% RAW diet, but after about a year, the hot flashes started again. Then one day (unrelated) I decided to give up dairy, and then after one week I realized that I hadn’t had one hot flash since giving up the dairy. That was 6 months ago, and I’m still 34 menopausal symptom free!

Sandra LaMorgese, Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Innovations

How have you changed your eating habits to help manage your menopause symptoms?

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