Eat and Drink Away Your Hot Flashes

Natural HerbsCan changing the foods you incorporate into your diet help regulate your hormone levels during menopause? Our experts say yes, they can.

If you are tired of suffering through hot flashes, make a few adjustments to your diet and the benefits will be quickly noticeable. Learn how to manage your menopause symptoms using the following tips from our panel of expert contributors.

Eat and Drink Away Your Hot Flashes

Suffering from hot flashes? Eat food and herbs that will supplement your body’s estrogen production. Phytoestrogenic food and herbs help your body avoid dramatic crashes in estrogen levels that have been linked to more intense hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. In our western culture we don’t regularly eat enough of the herbs and foods that can ease the effects of our ovaries’ irregular declining estrogen production during our menopause transition years. Beneficial herbs include flaxseed, licorice root, nettles, fennel, red clover, and black cohosh. Foods include alfalfa, apples, beans, carrots, cherries, garlic, onions, peas, dried sea vegetables, sweet potatoes, oats, milk, olive oil, and many other fresh fruit and veggies.

Wendy Vineyard, Holistic Health Practitioner, Enlightened Menopause

Feeling “Normal” During Menopause

It is important to get enough vitamin B12, Calcium, vitamin D, Omega 3 and fiber rich foods or supplements in your daily diet during Menopause to maintain bone health, regulate hormones and the nervous system. Stay away from simple carbohydrates as they do nothing to balance hormone health. All or most of the nutrients above can be found in colorful fruits and vegetables, milk, water and unsaturated oils. Daily exercise is equally important to regulate hormones, stay healthy and reduce hot flashes. If problems persist, you should consult your physician for a blood test to ensure further assistance is not needed for hormone balance.

Crystal Harris, CEO, Crystal Clear Mind

Decrease Hot Flashes Quickly

Eliminating sugars of all kinds, even much fruit, has helped me with hot flashes, which wake me up ten times a night if I deviate! It’s not easy to do for most people, but I’ve found I don’t crave sugars when eliminated completely. Also, I’ve found that eliminating gluten, as well as even night-shade vegetables helps too. Nightshades are: potatoes, peppers of all kinds, tomatoes and eggplant (no problem there!) I’ve developed lots of recipes without any of the above and don’t miss anything with the rich, satisfying veggies, nuts, seeds and proteins I eat. And believe it or not, I make wonderful, sweet desserts without sugars!

Debbie Johnson, Author, Fun with GF/LG Food Cookbook

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