Counteract Digestive Issues During Menopause

Where to TurnMany women experience digestive issues during menopause. This symptom can be the result of a number of factors contributing to the effects from Menopause. Learn how to maintain a strong digestive track during Menopause and how diet, exercise, and rest can all be beneficial in reducing your uncomfortable symptoms.

Resting for Digesting

During menopause, women may experience higher levels of stress due to the negative emotional response towards transformation (weight gain, loss of menstrual cycle, etc…) Excess unnecessary stress may allow an unhealthy elevated level of the stress hormone “cortisol” to be released. This process may directly have an influence on the digestive system, causing such symptoms as gas, bloating, constipation, acid reflux, or diarrhea. The digestive system is regulated by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When we are in the sympathetic mode (Fight or Flight..Stress), the digestive system slows down to convert its energy elsewhere as needed. As a result, foods are not being digested in a healthy transit time, thus causing “indigestion.”

Simple lifestyle changes such as adding meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoga may encourage the body to convert into the parasympathetic nervous system mode. In this state, we are resting and digesting. In addition, having a diet rich in Vitamin B Complex may have an important role in keeping the nerves in excellent running order.

Sandra LaMorgese, Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Innovations

Healthful Midlife Living Through Better Eating

Besides exercise, diet is key to perimenopausal and menopausal wellbeing! Too many midlife women are more sedentary than they used to be, and grab fast food meals full of fat, sugar and carbs. Ketchup may be a vegetable, but it’s not a healthful one!

Limit or stop eating “white foods”: wheat, potatoes, milk. Eat whole grains, fresh fruit and especially vegetables, olive or nut oils, nuts, dark chocolate. Meats, fish like salmon, and other protein sources are more healthful grilled than fried, and many of us eat larger portions of these than we need.

Keep a food diary and track what you eat and drink AND how you feel. Track libido, energy level, hot flashes, gastrointestinal functioning, other ailments. Your body will tell you what effect your diet is having–all you need to do is pay attention!

Carol Queen, PhD, Staff Sexologist, Good Vibrations

How do you counteract your during menopause?



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