Am I Experiencing Perimenopause?

Where to TurnYou are semi-familiar with the symptoms of menopause, but only know what you heard your Mother complaining about when she was going through the change (and that’s if she even discussed it at all). Times are different now in the sense that information is readily available and that means today’s woman intends to be informed!

How do you know if you are experiencing menopause symptoms? Try answering the following questions to determine whether or not you are in the stages of Perimenopause.


Have you:

Missed your period during the last few cycles?

Had several heavier or lighter periods than usual?

Noticed that your skin is drier or oiler than usual?

Woken up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night?

Been less than enthusiastic about sex lately?

Experienced any heart palpitations or flutters in the last six months?

Been moodier, more irritable, or more depressed than usual?

Feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, you may be experiencing perimenopause.

Some women hardly even know they’re in perimenopause. They may begin to skip periods, but otherwise have no symptoms. About 80 percent of women in their 40s begin skipping their period altogether. Interestingly enough, about 10 percent of women go from completely normal cycles to stopping menstruation altogether. But no one can tell you what to expect from your periomenopausal years – you just have to wait until you get there to know how you will react.

In perimenopause, we’re transitioning into the decline of our hormones. Fortunately, because of all the attention that’s being given to hormone replacement and bioidenticals, this short period of our life is getting more attention, which is leading women to seek help before they reach menopause.

Eva Cwynar, M.D., Author of THE FATIGUE SOLUTION: Increase Your Energy In Eight Easy Steps


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