A Rescue From Your Menopause Symptoms

SymptomsAs we navigate through menopause and its symptoms we wonder what exactly causes all these discomforts to happen and why would these recommended foods we’ve been writing about work the way they do?

Eating the right foods can greatly reduce the number of menopause symptoms we experience. Our expert contributor and clinical nutritionist, Stephan Dorlandt, explains to us the details behind our hormone production, reduction, and menopause symptoms. Learn how a healthy diet will support our bodily function during menopause.

The 500 Club

After around 500 menstrual periods, most women don’t mind giving them up for menopause. If, however, their menopause is uncomfortable, they do mind. A lot.

Nutrition to the Rescue

Luckily, there are foods whose consumption will ease tell tale hot flashes, hormonal imbalance and depression. These foods include seaweed, soy (non-GMO), papaya, taro, miso soup, green leafy vegetables, licorice, plantain bananas, and raw seeds and nuts. How to these foods work? By one, of two, ways:

1. Support the glandular system.

Since menopause is a transition of a gland, the ovaries ceasing to produce estrogen, and since all glands are inter-related, then it only makes since to give the complete glandular system the nutrition it needs. The glands depend on trace minerals to maintain proper function (e.g., iodine for the thyroid), therefore, eating mineral-rich foods (e.g. seafood soups, legumes) will nourish them.

2. Balance estrogen loss.

Some foods are called phytoestrogens, they contain estrogen-like molecules which aid the body’s own hormone production. Foods that support the body’s estrogen-making capacity include yams, brown rice, tofu, taro, and licorice.

Three key vitamins to take for menopausal support are vitamin B-6, vitamin E, and bioflavonoids. Some great “menopausal teas” are red clover, dong quai, and passion flower. These nutritional strategies will ease most menopausal complaints.

Stephan Dorlandt, Clinical Nutritionist, L & S Natural, Inc.

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