Maintaining a Healthy Weight through the Holidays

Weightloss, Healthy LifestyleMaintaining a healthy weight through the holidays has its challenges. It is easier to put aside our goals for a few short weeks and indulge in everything this time of year has to offer, long shopping trips, dinners and spirits with family and friends, holiday parties, and so much more.

If you have promised yourself you will make it through the holidays without sacrificing your figure, try using some of these weight loss motivators to keep you on track while celebrating the season.

The Proverbial Carrot

As always the dangling carrot is the cosmetic incentive, either for an event or sometimes even health concern. What I like to endorse is the philosophy that there is a “no return” policy on our bodies and if we dont invest in them, we will be dealt some harsher penalties in our future than just not fitting into a pair of jeans.

Laurie Towers CEO Physical Advantage PC, The Bridal Body Shop 

A Supportive Community

1) Surround yourself with a community who will support and encourage you. No matter how strong your will-power, doing it alone is always more difficult.

2) Share your progress and accomplishments (no matter how large or small) with that community. It’s important to see how far you’ve come in order to keep going.

3) Find ways to reward yourself for your progress.

We are witnessing how effective these tactics can be in many online communities. There are websites available where you’re able to track calories, exercise routines, and more. ¬†Then you share your accomplishments (and disappointments) with a supportive network who provides encouragement and understanding. And they are free to use!

Ben Wagner, LifeKraze, Live Like it Counts

Don’t Even Go There

Take a starting weight, clothes size and pictures before you begin and then at different intervals to document your progress and keep you focused. If you are very overweight keep a picture of you at your heaviest with you, when you have the urge or desire to eat unhealthy or not exercise; take out the picture and look at it.

Dr. Joseph Leonardi, Better Life Seminars

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